Lovable Lucite

Lucite furniture and home decor pieces have been around a loooooooong time and it's still hard to pick up a home magazine without seeing a designer using it in one fabulous space or another. I'm a huge fan and though I'm sad to admit that I own none, it's just a matter of coming across the right piece to mix in with my classic interior. I was hoping a couple of ghost chairs would show up under my Christmas tree from the ever so design savvy Santa, but it wasn't to be. So, with a birthday coming up this week, I've still got a bit of hope. 

No matter what your personal style, lucite is so easily worked into any and all well-designed rooms. The best part, in my opinion, is the lightness of the pieces. Because most are clear and essentially see through, they're the perfect choice for a room full of color or bold artwork. 
Check out some of the photos and you'll see just how amazing this material can be!

This So-Ho hotel's private dining room uses lucite ghost chairs just right by
 allowing the over-sized fuschia settee to shine.

Personally, I think you have to be careful with mixing too much glass and mirror with lucite. There's nothing to ground the space when you do this and it all just sort of visually floats away. 

 This little lucite stool would go just about anywhere, but it's so nice in this busy laundry room because it doesn't add to the clutter...just to the function of the room.

Office spaces and vanities are another perfect place to use lucite. Our desk or vanity areas are often so cluttered and busy, that having an essentially invisible chair is not only super interesting and unexpected, but it helps to keep things a bit cleaner looking. Love this one in the pic above with the tufted cushion. 
Comfy and chic!

 I think we'd all agree that our family rooms are the place we hang out the most. So, that means entertainment units, big comfy sofas and chairs with ottomans, side tables with lamps, books, area rugs and the like. Lots of stuff, in other words, right? In spaces like that, believe me when I say that lucite is your friend. We don't need to add in a big, visually heavy coffee table to continue to weigh the room down

LOVE this space! Those shades of pink mixed with all that creamy white is perfection to me. The lucite coffee table is the perfect choice and make sure to notice those inverted pleat drapes with the fuschia in the background. Yum.

Lucite sofa table

Lucite home accessories are just as great an option as the furniture and certainly easier to find and afford. 
Accessories are such a great way to try out a look at little cost...this is equally as true for color! Before you paint a room turquoise, for example, go out and purchase a few home accessories in that color and put them in places around the room you see most often. You'll know in just a couple of weeks if you love the color enough to put up on the walls!

Let your designer shoes and jewelry shine and become art when you use a lucite organizer!

Have a great day!


Melissa said...

Well you have been very busy! I love your style and vibe....we need to schedule a time for you to come to my house I am needing a funky change.....and you are just the girl to help me! I will be in touch!

Jen of All Trades said...

Well, thank you, thank you! I'd love to help anytime you're ready for me! Looking forward to it. :)

shabby chic furniture said...

I think that You have already changed it. I have made some funky changes. There are lots of home improvements books through which You can get more ideas for home improvements.

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