DIY Wall Treatments

Not everyone can afford or wants to commit to expensive wall coverings and treatments like wallpaper and custom murals and with the way we all seem to be so transient these days and move from place to place, well, alot of people are concerned about resale. We have to love where we live while we're living there, though, right? So, consider some of these wall treatments that aren't only easy but won't make your money act funny.

So easy and inexpensive, take pages from your favorite book and create this chic and simple wall treatment.

Silver leafed? Nope, it's aluminum foil that's been applied with Elmer's glue and water and a hair dryer. This would be great on a vintage dresser or chest, too! 

Wrapping paper is a much less expensive option than wallpaper and can look just as great. This was applied with Modge Podge and could be easily removed with warm water and a sponge. 

Painted Stripes are one of my go-to treatments when the budget is tight but we need some punch. This is a particularly great color combo and I love that they switched up the size of the stripes.
(Brown Design)

A few more pics of some painted stripes...

Candlelight is a treatment by Ralph Lauren and is a snap to do. Simply apply the base color and then you'll use a special roller to apply the glaze on top. When the sun goes down and the lamp light hits the walls, they shimmer and bounce. Really lovely.

Another Ralph Lauren one I like and use once in a while is the linen treatment. Again, you just use a special hard-bristled brush to create the texture and anyone can do it.

If you find a bolt or two of fabric that you love in the clearance bin, snatch it up and use it on the walls of a small room. It can easily be pulled down and can be as fabulous as wallpaper.

Newspaper is another really great option. I'd collect a couple weeks worth of a French paper and tea stain it a bit and put it up in any room of the house. 

Painted quarter round or any kind of small molding can give a room some much needed architectural interest and it you really want to have some fun with it you can add some amazing wrapping paper to the inside of the trim...sort of like the one below but bigger and better.

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Dana said...

I love the Sarah Richardson picture from the hotel re-do. Well, I love everything she designs...lovely!

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