Window Dressing

Window treatments are the jewelry for every space in your home and without them, things just fall flat and feel unfinished. They can be elaborate and over-the-top or super simple and classic. Just think about different ways you might dress up a little black dress. Certainly, you'd never think of leaving the house without a speck of jewelry on, but it might just be one gold ring and a pair of understated diamond earrings. This would equate with plantations shutters or a simple roman shade in the same color as the walls. You might decide to add a lariat necklace and a watch, which would be like adding a top treatment with a subtle pattern and maybe some glass bead trim. Maybe you're feeling bohemian and bring out the chunky bracelets and statement-making chandelier style earrings...this would be like choosing a fabulously patterned fabric and doing floor-length drapes and stunning rods/finials. Whatever your style, it's so important to dress your windows and the style options are endless. Take a look at some fabulous ideas in every style under the sun.

Elegant Master Bedroom contemporary bedroom

Sitting Area traditional living room

Garrett Park contemporary dining room
Board mounted valances are something we do all the time. These are clean-lined and classic, but provide just the right amount of pattern and color to the window area. Take a look at the placement, too. 
Spot on, in my opinion. 
 (Debbie Wiener)

San Carlos Residence Two contemporary family room
Something we do all the time is mix up the style of treatments within the same room. Not all windows need to have drapes to the floor and as long as you're tying them together by using the same fabric, 
you'll create a cohesive look.
(Amoroso Design)

Burlingame Residence Two traditional dining room
Roman shades are a classic choice and depending on the fabric can either make a statement or just quietly finish a space.
 Amoroso Design

Family Room contemporary family room

Betsy Burnham contemporary living room

Melanie Coddington Design
Remember to go up and out with window treatments if you have the wall space. 
You're goal is to cover as little of the actual window area as possible to maintain light and view. 
 Melanie Coddington

Living Room modern living room

Guest Room modern bedroom

 Sherry Hart eclectic bedroom
Plantation shutters are on the pricey side, but are fabulous for resale and are a wonderful option as they can be customized to any shape of window.

Sherry Hart eclectic bedroom
Notice the drapes around the french doors. Yes, you can do this and we do often!
 You're doors will still function just fine and it's a wonderful way to soften the space.
 sherry hart

Melissa from My Cottage Charm traditional kitchen
Too country for you? Just take a look at the way they have simply leaned a beautiful free-standing antique window up against the existing one over the sink. It will filter a little light and provide some privacy while not taking away from the overall space. Remember...even when you don't love the overall style of a space,
you can still take a few ideas away from them.

Debra Campbell Design traditional bedroom
Notice the two different fabrics on the windows? No need to be matchy-matchy!

Lorraine Vale traditional hall
Love the subtle Asian vibe of this one and the mix of fabrics.

Contemporary Beach Living Room traditional living room

Master Bedroom traditional bedroom

Master Bedroom traditional bedroom
Notice the use of a couple of fabrics separated by trim? If you must buy premade panels at a big box store...most of the time they will be 88" long....which is way to short for even 8' walls. Take the time to extend them in this way on your own, or call us or a local workroom and have it done for you.
 For very little money, you'll end up with a much better look.
 Judith Balis

Betsy Burnham  living room

Betsy Burnham contemporary living room

Blue Summer traditional bedroom

atlanta job traditional kitchen

Portfolio traditional living room

Bistro Style Kitchen traditional kitchen

Portfolio Photographs traditional living room

Contemporary Shingle Style Fireplace contemporary living room

And this pic below...well, I just had to show it. It stopped me in my tracks...that huge purple floor lamp is just a riot!!! And I think the wallpaper is beautiful, too. Oh and that chandelier and who knew I'd love a purple leather bergere chair?! But, I do!
Julianne Kelly eclectic living room

Have a most wonderful day, my friends! 
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