Non-working Fireplace? No problem!

Whether you have a non-working fireplace or are simply looking for a way to accessorize yours during the warmer months, here are some interesting ideas that you might want to give a try.

I actually think this idea of "wood as art" in the fireplace is just stunning. The natural texture and color it gives this otherwise contemporary and stark space is pretty fabulous. For those that might ask, "Why would anyone do that if the fireplace doesn't work?"...because it's beautiful! For those that might wonder why you would need to store wood in the off season...because it's beautiful! Function isn't the point here. Although, this would be a brilliant idea in an older home with several fireplaces in which one maybe doesn't work or get any use. You can actually store the wood for the other fireplaces in it and it's sure to stay dry and more convenient for you.
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I do like the texture and color provided by these books and I'm sure the box was cleaned first as to not damage the books...but it does feel a bit The whole burning of books things pops into my mind...and as an avid reader I almost feel like they (the books) demand a bit more respect than this. But, that's my over-analytical side popping actuality, I think this is a good solution both visually and a great idea for storage.
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Simple and elegant, this arrangement is helped by the nature and style of the fireplace. Take a cue from this though and showcase some of your favorite travel treasures in your unused fireplace.
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I have to admit, this has never once crossed my mind...but it's gonna be incorporated into my home come this Fall. Love how they are just haphazardly tumbling out and the use of paint on the front ones. Why didn't I think of that?!

I'm fairly obsessed with birch wood in general and this appeals to me very much. It's casual and feels appropriate to the space. During the months this fireplace gets used, this basket could be easily moved a few feet and would make a great accent for the hearth. Easy and breezy.

So, I'm not sure about this one. I actually like the idea...especially for a small space who's focal point is the fireplace and demands the furniture be arranged around it alone but you don't have the money to hard wire a plasma/lcd tv above the mantle. So, if that's the case and this is the only tv they have...I get it and think it's a good solution. The use of a fireplace dvd here is kitschy, but who cares? I think it's a hoot...and I love that they add the crackling sound of the burning wood to them.
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Logs were simply wrapped with white lights for an interesting solution. I'd like to see more logs and lights personally, but this could be fun...especially around the holidays.
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I just love this casual solution. What a great way to showcase a few of your favorite books while perfectly filling an otherwise empty and cold fireplace box. This is a perfect antique-inspired footstool, but I bet you could find an inexpensive vintage one at a local thrift shop or on ebay.
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Not a fan of the overall space here...but this is kinda ingenious. Wine storage! Love it!
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