The Beauty of Burlap

Don't turn your nose up quite yet and stop focusing on how "scratchy" burlap is. This inexpensive fabric is a great solution for when the budget doesn't allow for linen and also even when it does. The texture, the colors and the visual warmth of burlap and grain sacks made of said fabric make it a wonderful option for all styles.

The classic and beautiful combination of black and camel done perfectly here with a grain sack.
(redefine home)

Even in the most high-end spaces, burlap (seen here as drapes) can fit right in.
(abby rizor)

Grain sacks on classic French chairs bring them down a notch and create a great juxtaposition. 
(paris boutique hotel)

Cute little kitchen valance done in burlap and trimmed out in a contrast fabric. That burlap tassel is great.
(wish i knew)

 A grain sack used in it's natural shape.
(elizabeth's point of view)

Even on a table scape, burlap provides amazing texture and interest.
(a beach cottage)

(jennifer agan)
Burlap is such an inexpensive option when you need lots of fabric with little money. The panels are simply trimmed out in grosgrain ribbon that was fabric-glued on and hung with drapery clips making them no-sew.

I'm not a fan of the setting this piece is in, but it's a great diy idea incorporating tea stained book pages and a grain sack.
(studio 625)

Soooo pretty. I'd own this white burlap bed in a heartbeat.
(katy oh)

Casual and chic, burlap is a great way to ground an otherwise too traditional space.
(color outside the lines)

This and the following two pics are all by Paula Caravelli. I want to climb through the pictures and move in. I adore the orange, black and white color palette and especially think the burlap drapes trimmed out in orange are stunning. Loving that desk.
(paula caravelli)

Only $199, this is the perfect option to bring in a bit of the look while still being totally functional.
(pottery barn)

(the lettered cottage)


Carrie DeVine said...

Love this!!! I wish I would have used burlap to cover my tables as a table cloth at my wedding reception!!! And I love them as drapes!

Rosanne Palazola said...

Love the burlap! I was just in a design show and my vignette was a garden room. I used burlap on the walls to give it a "grass cloth feel". Check out the pictures on my blog - and look at the post about the Danvers Historical Society show.
Love your blog, Jen!

Anonymous said...

Love burlap, but use linen when it's going to be next to soft, fallible human skin!

More ladies seem to be painting burlap, have you noticed? Creating their own signs and marques - wish I could!

samantha ramage said...

i LOVE burlap rice bag pillows!!!! fabulous post! i have never seen chairs done in burlap. i wonder if they would be scratchy to sit on? or maybe just the back of the bergeres is covered in burlap?

Candy said...

Hey Jen...been w/o internet for a while...missed your blogs! LOVE the burlap! I REALLY like the kitchen valances with the tassel! The first chair would go nicely with it too and they both would look GREAT in my house. I see more projects in my future. :)

Jen of All Trades said...

Ladies, you sure know how to make a girl feel good. I'm glad you all are enjoying the blog.
Carrie, you can start incorporating burlap into the event planning business that I know is in your future!
Rosanne, I'm gonna go check out your blog post asap! Can't wait to see what you did!
Sami, yep, I bet they're scratchy to sit on with bare skin touching it...but those bergeres would have been fab with the grain bags on the back and a beautiful linen on the front!
Candy, missed seeing your comments! Glad you're back. I'm only a phone call away, so call me when you are ready for me to help with your projects!
Have a great weekend!

A rootdigger said...

No wonder you have the title - oh my gosh. You sure have it. I have never tried to dye burlap, but I suppose if it's like cotton or natural it should, right? I have always loved it with script. I wonder did it come in the bleached form with script, or is that altered art/fabric? Reinterpreted.just wondering, as you have my mind

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