Green With Envy!

 I'm always reminded this time of year what a perfect color green is and it seems no matter what room I throw a pop of it into, it just works. No doubt, this is because it's direct from nature, but I think we forget about all the amazing shades of this versatile color and just how important it is to bring the outside in...especially this time of year when it's a constant shade of grey skies. I have a few great green paints in my arsenal and use them often in kitchens and sunrooms, but I think the best way to use green is in bursts throughout the home. And don't fret about matching your greens! When is the last time you took a walk in the park and thought to yourself, "Oh my! Those trees don't match...they just hurt my eyes!" Never, right? 
So, mix em and match em and let yourself have some fun. 
Need some ideas on how to do that? Well, what do ya' know? I've got some at the ready! Enjoy.

 Great examples here of how to successfully use a couple of pops of green on the left and of how greens just work in all shades on the left. Loving that Moroccan inspired rug!

Minty shades look great mixed with black and white. This is one shade of green you might want to include in a really tight color palette. Keep it sharp and let the green shine.

We all know how great greens are when mixed with child-friendly colors, but take out that play table and the little girl and I'd love this room for my own space. Fresh and fun for a sunroom!

 Limey and chartreuse greens are fresh and fun...but be careful to use them sparingly or really well!

 Kelly green is one of my favorites. Bold and dramatic, it looks best when used with alot of black and white. Throw a pop of fuschia in there and I'm a happy girl.

 Turquoise, green and red? Not for everyone, but I use this palette quite a bit. This space feel off to me though...take away the flowers in the vase, add in some white washed wood floors, remove the shell centerpiece and throw a big red monogram on the back of those chairs and then it's speaking my language.

This peacocky green has been on my mind ALOT lately. Check back with me in February to find out why!

Love that wallpaper. Makes me want to take a big bite out of this room because it feels so fresh!

The shade of green on the sofa is such a beautiful addition to this traditional space. An otherwise staid (been wanting to use that word all day) color palette is brought back to life with just that little injection of muted color. Really well done.

Not the most inspired space, but isn't this color combo fabulous? That chartruese with the chunky white molding and wood work and those espresso floors. Spot on. 

This space reminds me of my favorite Polo shirt circa 1986. I sure tried the preppy look on for size, but my darn bohemian nature fights to get out every time.  

 This is probably my favorite of the bunch and is a perfect reflection of my style. Each color, each item looks lovingly selected but not matchy matchy. It feels well put together, but not stodgy. Those green drapes are so perfect with all those neutrals!

What's your favorite shade of green? 

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