Classic With a Twist

I often have clients ask me what my own personal style is and believe me, it's never the answer they assume it will be. It's funny how the expected response is "really contemporary" when it couldn't be further from the truth. I'm definitely classic with a twist. A little bit of traditional mixed with a few unexpected pieces from other styles is really what I'm drawn to. So, I suppose that's why I'm drawn to other designers like Matthew Frederick in New Jersey. Just when one of his spaces is really leaning towards tradition and classic style, he pops it with a bit of color or animal print that wakens it back up. The great thing about designing like this is you know that your main pieces...your sofa, your casegoods and such are going to be timeless. Then it's just a matter of changing out a few accessories or changing a wall color to keep it updated over the years. Take a look and tell me what you think. Is this your style? Do you wish it were? 

 His design shop in New Jersey.

Notice how classic each of the pieces are in the space above? It's really just the pop of color on the wall and that zebra print that steps the space outside of traditional. 

Clean lines, down cushions and velvet...come to mama.

 Check out that luxurious shower. I could spend a few days in there. I'd be pruney, but clean.

 Would you have thought to add in those zebra print ottomans? It's what makes the space!

 Leaded glass closets? Bien sur!

 I'm always shocked when people have such a distaste for sunburst mirrors. 
They're so classic and yet so current!

 That blue grasscloth on the walls is just what this space needed. Have you seen all the grasscloths available right now? Every color under the sun and we have access to most of them! 

 Love a custom side table cover. The key is to use a larger table than you think you need. Otherwise, no matter how great the cover, it's going to look like the ones we used in college purchased at Target for $8.00 or so. You know, the ones with the three screw on legs. No good.

More grasscloth, this time in plum (swoon), and mixed with some softer shades of purple. Loving those custom cornices that follow the lines of the angled ceiling. 

 A study in classic design. Utter perfection. The symmetry is stunning and I love that open-bottomed coffee table, the non-skirted sofas, the geometric rug and that horse is the scene stealer.

 Inside his lovely shop. I just want to touch everything!

Hope you have a great day, friends! 
Make sure to stop and smell the pine trees!


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lisaroyhandbags said...

I agree - those are some fantastic spaces. I'd love to get pruney in that shower too. :)

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