Baby, it's COLD outside!

For us mid-westerners, there is no longer any doubt that winter is here and Christmas is right around the corner! Though I hate the cold, I love all it brings to my life. Cozy nights (and mornings!) in front of the fire with only the flicker of the Christmas lights and candle light to illuminate the book I'm reading. I love sipping hot cocoa out of my Santa mug and seeing huge fuzzy slippers on my feet. As a matter of fact, I would totally be wearing a footed, zip-up onsie right know, the kind with the butt flap...if they came in my size. 
Where some people are stressed by all there is to do this time of year, I try to find the brief moments of kindness I see here and there amidst all the hub bub and hectic shopping and I'm reminded of what this season is really all about. To me, it doesn't matter what religion you are...or if you have any at all...I just hope that you're inspired by the shop windows you walk by and the twinkling lights on the houses. I know I am. Inspired to tell the people I love how important they are to me and to share what I have with those that have less. I'm well known for getting sappy, but I so hope you all are enjoying the season, too, and know how much I appreciate you popping in now and again. We're kindred spirits we design lovers. Always seeking out the beautiful and though I've admitted it before, I have a huge peeping Tom in, I'm the peeping Tom...but this time of year is the worst (actually, the best) for me. So, leave those blinds open people! Let me see your beautiful trees and garlands and mistletoe! Until then, I'll just peep inside these gorgeous spaces and hope they don't see my nose pressed against the windows.

 Branches, beautiful branches. Some clippers and a couple of minutes is all you need for this look!

Super fun, right? The card outlet store has these for 75 cents right now. Grab them before they're gone!

I know this might look complicated, but if you break the look down it could be done so simply. Inexpensive ribbon is tied to each ornament and could be easily hung from a plant hook painted the same color as the ceiling. Also, notice the books all wrapped in white craft paper? It's such a clean and crisp backdrop for the pops of red. This look could carry you through Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day! 

 Love this branch idea. Clear fishing wire and a couple of those same plant hooks twisted into the ceiling and voila! Instant focal point!

 Have a red room? Celebrate it this time of year! Make it your entertaining space no matter what room it is. Is it the library? Move the dining table in there. Is it the living room? Pull your grandma's round drop leaf table in there and replace your coffee table with it. A casual dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheese will feel decadent when served on a white table cloth in front of the fire. 

 Oh dear. I've fallen in love...again. Can you just imagine going to a dinner party with this set-up?!
I wonder if my chair would have horns?

Antique socks are hard to find, but are so darn charming hung as stockings. You know what you can do, though? You can tea stain some white socks in different lengths and you'll get the same look.

 Now, that's alot of work. Kudos for time spent!        

 You don't have to love color to say Merry Christmas...pops of greenery mixed with whites and black can be just as festive. Not to mention super elegant.

Pink is a great replacement for red!

Just so charming and simple!

I'll never have white walls...or a white tree...or minty green drapes...or probably even ivory bergere chairs. Which means I'll never have a space like this, but my, oh my...I adore it. 

 If someone brought this as a hostess gift to my house, I think we'd be lifelong friends.

Know what this is? An antique drying rack!!! Genius.

Hey, what'd you call me?! ;D

 Told ya' branches are fabulous.

For anyone who ever thought red and turquoise don't look fabulous together...

 Even without the red, turquoise is a perfect holiday choice!

Loving this hand made wreath. Hot glue guns unite!

Even bedrooms should have holiday spirit!

 Pink gerbera daisies and tulips at Christmas? Why not?! 

Smaller trees in galvanized buckets are the perfect choice when you don't want to deal with a huge tree or even if you want to have a tree in several rooms. I also love the idea of using the rain boots and suitcase as ways to hold gifts. Love the strung popcorn...the last time I tried to do it I did enough to reach a length of about 2 feet and gave up. Anyone know of a place where you can find it done for you?

Stay warm today friends and Happy Holidays! 

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