Little gems!

A simple search for a silhouette tote bag lead me right to a wonderful website that is chock full of antiquey looking finds that could have been easily found at a Paris street market. If you're a lover of all things French like me, you must check out their stock, but even if you aren't I bet you can find something you'd like to plop in your virtual cart and bring home. Here are some of my favorites, but make sure to check it out for yourself at!

Love these antique toast holders and the idea of using them to hold mail or even old letters that your grandmother sent your grandfather back in the day.

Some of you will hate these, but the kitsch factor is so great and I actually can think of several places they would be fabulous. I'd hesitate to use them in an already heavily ornate space filled with antiques, but in a more contemporary and clean-lined space, these would be the statement piece I'd use. Really fun.

I love a good desk lamp and this articulating one is right up my alley. I see some great ones at thrift stores all the time, but this one is special with that amazing patina and the squaty nature of it. 

This hand carved candle holder from India is incredible. I can imagine a row of them on a mantle, to be more exact. 

For only $14 a piece, these are super cute for the grocery store or just running errands. 

Since my brief but wondrous foray into the world of textiles and apparel years ago, I have been enamored with dress forms of all kinds. Wire ones like this are my favorite and would be great in a collection above an armoire in a dressing room.

Come on. He's adorable and hand carved! His little eyeballs just crack me up!

You can't go wrong with a leaning floor mirror and this one stands alone. The unfinished pine would suit any space and the lines are just gorgeous, don't you think?

Numbered anything makes me get all excited. These vintage inspired stacking boxes would be perfect for jewelery, but also great on an entry table for mail, keys and the like.

I love newsprint paper and so these little notebooks filled with blank newsprint with the vintagey looking Bingo covers are so darn cute. Perfect bedside notepads for all those brilliant ideas at 3am and can't remember by 7. 

It doesn't get much better than this key rack inspired by the old hotel ones. I really, REALLY love this.

One week til Christmas! Yikes! Happy shopping!


Sarah said...

I love stores like this! The little squatty lamp is adorable.

Wonderful blog!


Jen of All Trades said...

Thanks, Sarah! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and I'm excited to check out your blog as well. Have a great weekend!

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