Come on in!

Did you know that it's been studied and shown that guests that enter your home determine what kind of a time they're going to have while visiting you in the first 60 seconds after entering your front door? Lots of things affect this...sound (is there music playing, tv on or silence?), smell (is there bread baking or do they smell your animals?), function (is there somewhere to set their purse and hang their coat?) and of course, and in my opinion, most importantly, aesthetics (is it beautiful, interesting and tells a story?). So, how about your home...analyze these four things, paying particular attention to your entry or foyer. Have you ignored this area? Do you simply have an old beat up rug and a couple of coat hooks with dog leashes hanging from them? Not so attractive, right? So, switch it up! Four things every foyer should have are an entry table, a mirror, a great rug and a table lamp or really interesting ceiling fixture on a dimmer to create a beautiful glow. And then start to layer in other things that speak to who you are like family heirlooms or things you collect. A beautifully scented candle...and no, the ones you get at the grocery store don't count. One thing I love to do is have a basket full of cozy slippers, new or newly washed, that guests can slip into if they prefer...and ONLY if they prefer! I think it's so tacky to make guests take off their shoes at the door. It's okay if it's close family and friends and they know that's what you prefer, but if you're having a party or gathering which includes people you don't know that well and don't know you that well, please, I beg you...suck it up and plan on doing a bit of extra cleaning after. Don't forget to think about texture which can be brought in a jute rug or some woven baskets. Here are some entries I think are just fabulous:

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