Giveaway Time!

Some of you might not know that in addition to being an interior designer and event planner, I'm also an instructor at a local college both in the design program and in the continuing education department. It was in this last sessions class, full of 20 students, that I was glad to get to know one of them a bit better than others. She eventually told me she was a photographer and gave me her card so I could check out her website and I immediately got nervous. I mean, how many times has this happened and then you go check out what somebody loves and is so proud of and you just simply aren't impressed? Lots, for me. But, I have to say, this was one time I was so pleasantly surprised and was so happy to report back to her that not only did I check out her work, but that I LOVED it. She's so talented and her work is being sold in many shops across the country in the form of cards and prints. She has generously offered a giveaway to my readers of $20 towards any purchase and I bet you'll love her work. Here's a bit more about her...Leslie says, 

"Leslie Green is a Quad-City photographer who has lived and traveled extensively around the world. She loves capturing shots in nature, of architecture and of rustic farms and markets. Previously, she lived in Washington DC where she was a Recruiting Manager for a government contractor, but when she got married and moved to The Netherlands with her husband, she began developing her photography business, which is called Native Notecards. She has since expanded beyond note cards and now also offers matted, framed enlargements of her photos in the original color or in black & white.

The different photos for sale can be viewed on To place an order, just send an e-mail with the image number and the quantity of the items you would like to order. You can also follow Native Notecards on Facebook to be kept in the loop about sales and special offers!

 I'm happy to offer a $20 gift card, to be used by 12/31/10 towards anything I offer on the site."

So, without further adieu, let me announce the winner of the $20 gift certificate for any of Leslie's cards or prints...
Drum roll please...............

Lisaroyhandbags for her comment on my recent "Trash to Treasure" post concerning the card catalog.

lisaroyhandbags said...

I love transforming discarded pieces and have always had a thing for pieces with lots of little drawers. This card catalog almost has me hyperventilating! :)
October 27, 2010 6:51 AM
Don't forget that you only have until Dec. 31st to place your order with the gift certificate!
Please contact Leslie directly through her site to accept your winnings!


lisaroyhandbags said...

Thank you!! how exciting! Leslie's work is amazing :)

Jen of All Trades said...

Glad you like it! And thanks for your continued reading and commenting on my blog! Yours is fabulous, by the way. I checked it out the other day and I'll be doing that far more often! :)

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