All For A Great Cause

The annual Kips Bay Show House in NY just closed it's doors for the year after another successful fund raising event that lasted for about a month. Designers from the area are invited in to design a space in the home to strut their stuff and do it for a good cause. They show houses are such great ways to get a few ideas for your own homes so I really encourage you to take advantage of them if one comes to your town. Get to know your local designers and find out who's a good fit for you. Walk through their spaces almost as if you're walking through their imaginations and see what they can create when there are fewer parameters and more freedom. Here's a peak at some of the rooms that were included in this years show house!

Love the use of this ikat as a decorative accent on the sofa and ottoman!

Now, THAT was a lot of work! Holy cow.

I always say, entries, small bathrooms, mud rooms/laundry rooms and studies are perfect places for bold and whimsical wallpaper. So, I love the idea of this pagoda paper welcoming the guests.

Busy, but love the color and the light fixture.

Love this kitchen and the use of the purples. Notice that fabulous arm wall-mounted lamp above the desk. Ingenious little things, those.

That artwork makes for a stunning addition to the space.

Check out that fireplace...loving that.

How amazing is the color here?! That ottoman is killing me with those flokati pillows and what a great addition that blue trim adds to the lamps and the shades.

I could live here quite happily. You?

This space feels so wonderfully collected over time. Like each piece has a story and is inviting you to hop from one thing to the next asking..."Oooo, tell me about this one!"

Anyone else have a yoga/massage room at home? If so, when can I move in?!

Have a great weekend, all! 

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