Enjoy your Sunday!

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. I'm pooped. I mean, I'm truly drained.
Anyone else have a tough week?
If so, it's my sincere hope that both you and I spend some time today making all the hard work worth while and treating ourselves to something nice...something beautiful. I think I'll go collect pine cones today and fill a few of my apothecary jars and maybe select only the most beautiful leaves I find and press them into my favorite books to discover in a few years when I go to reread them. I think I'll also hug my husband a little longer than normal and remind him how lucky I think I am to have him in my life...because after a week like the last one, he needs to know he's kinda my sun and moon. Oh! I almost forgot! Don't you just love this Tory Burch "Trike". And while this might make a lot of sense in Central Park or on the side of the Seine...I bet I'm gonna get some crazy looks as I ride this down Locust on my way to work. Honk if ya see me!!! ;)

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