Sweeeeet, Caroline!

Take a look at the home I'm currently working on above.
And by "working on" I mean I'm not at all involved and it's actually one Caroline de Cesare just designed.

I am, on the other hand, every man's (or woman's) designer. I do my best work when I have to stretch a dollar and work a budget. I love finding beautiful alternatives to high end items and being able to turn a small space into a place that sings for very little money. I often talk myself into believing that this kind of design work is really the only "true design work". On days when I'm up on this wobbly high horse and looking down at all the poor, well-known and fabulously successful designers across the world, I think to myself how it takes very little creativity to work with budgets large enough to purchase the most beautiful and expensive products on the market and simply fill a space with them and call it genius. And then I come across yet another designer's portfolio that proves me ridiculously wrong. Caroline de Cesare's work is one of those that reminds me there is genius at every level and even though she happens to be lucky enough to work with clients with major money and homes that boggle my brain, I've simply got to give it to her...she's brilliant. Take a look and see what I mean...

Told ya. ;)

Enjoy your day!

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