Light up my week!

Welp, another week has sneaked by us and I for one am looking forward to making this last week of September a great one. Where last week I spent far too much time obsessing over things I can't change, this week I resolve to focus on things I can. Things like...prepping my house for winter, making my first boeuf bourginon of the season, and getting outside and soaking up the crisp breezes and the changing leaves. And because that sentence made me sound way more fancy than I actually am...I also need to scrub the toilets, put away the laundry that's been stacking up in the baskets for two weeks and it wouldn't kill me to pop in an exercise dvd because I actually heard my thighs rubbing together the other day. Heard them! I actually heard them!!! Oh, and apparently I need to work on loving myself even though my thighs now make whooshing sounds when I walk. So, I'm thinking that should be enough of a to-do list for the week, but I thought since we're just a minute away from short days when the street lamps come on around 4pm, I'd give you some ideas for ways to light up your life. Here are some of my favorites!


 I think this fixture is utter perfection.  

 Chihuly genius.

 The patterns of light this one creates on the walls is so beautiful. 

 (available through me)

 Simple is as simple does.
(via decor pad)

 (Ellis Hotel)

Sit me down here with a cup of tea and leave me for a few days, please. 
(Hickory Chair)

 Love using table lamps as bathroom lighting. It's a bit unexpected, but that's how I like things.

 Ikea bargain of the century.

 These make me wanna don my old tap shoes and do a jig! 
Wouldn't be bad for the thigh rubbing issue either, I suppose. ;)

 Not only is this room painted one of my all time favorite colors (you'll have to hire me to find out what it is!), but it probably represents my overall aesthetic better than most. 
And that floor lamp is haunting my dreams!

 Can never go wrong with Capiz!

I had a reader fall in love with this one that was shown in a space in another post and I promised to track down how to find it. It's Jonathan Adler and can be found on his website. The moment I find out I'm pregnant, I'm buying this lamp and building the nursery around it!

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Kris said...

I have to agree with you--the lighting you called "utter perfection" truly is, and I'm in love with the lamp available through you. However, I'm afraid to ask about the windows and re-finishing a deck are killing my ability to shop! I can't wait 'til you find our you're pregnant either, and would love to help you design your nursery! And last but not least, I loved the previous post about hiding the TV--I love me some down time with the television but I'd love to hide it too. I may have to try the artwork DVD!! Thanks for the tip! :-)

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