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I think it's hilarious to read some of the blogs and magazine articles dedicated to way-too-self-impressed designers who not only claim to never watch a bit of tv, but also look down their noses at those of us that do. I happen to love a little tube time. Especially Bravo. I think at this point all the other channels could go away and I wouldn't notice. Ok. That's not true. I do love many of the Showtime and HBO series and love me some Modern Family, The Office and pretty much any 20/20, Dateline or murder mystery. So, this post isn't so much about hiding our televisions because I think it's shameful to be low brow enough to own one and enjoy comes from my sick need to hide the big huge black hole that is the tv when turned off. What an eye sore! Some of these ideas are quite pricey, but I figure if we're going to spend $5,000+ on a tv, what's another $2000+ to house it in a way that blends into our decor. 

This "fireplace" was custom made and never meant to hold a flame. It's all about the tv here and I am in love with this idea. Pop in a "roaring fire" dvd (I swear I love them and don't care) and you've got yourself a cozy night curled up with a book. The Real Housewives of DC would look equally as good here. 

 Same idea as above...but, perhaps was originally a working fireplace?

 I actually really dislike the overall look of this but the idea is really interesting for anyone living in a studio or tiny apartment...even for a guest room. During the day you'd have your seating area across from the tv to be able to watch and at night you pull down the murphy bed and the tv is hidden underneath. 

A flat screen tv is hidden behind the center portion of the drapes here. What do ya think?


 These television/mirror combos are becoming really popular, especially in bathrooms. Might mess with a narcissists head though.

 Another completely faux fireplace built solely to house the tv. You can see how they've built a fabulous screen to hide it when not in use. Lovely.

This one kind of just adds to the already big black hole in my opinion, but the frame idea is a good way to at least give the area some architectural interest for not a lot of money.

 Whatcha got behind those doors?

 Nice, isn't it? I'm such a sucker for old doors so I'm a big fan of this overall look.

 This space makes me a bit melancholy for some reason, but the sliding artwork is a great option.

 When all else fails, at least surround it with shelves of books.

 Someone really had to think waaaaaaaaaay ahead for this one. Is it really THAT serious? ;)

 Artwork dvd's are inexpensive and you can even get some that will change the artwork every hour on your tv screen if you like.
Perfect for outdoors where the elements could affect the tv. Or, in my case, if you live in a neighborhood full of unsupervised kids who like to just mess with stuff. Either way.

 These "lift" systems are coming down in price and becoming more and more readily available. We have some great ones at Interior Image at prices I can swallow.

 Right behind the shutters!

The point is that there are certainly ways to disguise your tv a bit, but it's not necessary. It is what is, you know? I personally am looking forward to a relaxing Sunday night of tv...Dexter starts up again and that new show, Boardwalk Empire, is on...which I think I'm really going to like alot. Hope all of you find some time to relax this weekend. We all work so hard these day, don't we? We deserve a bit of respite. Enjoy!

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