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Eddie Ross. You may remember him from season 2 of Top Design but if not, he's a name you should familiarize yourself with. He's kinda brilliant. He's done everything from food styling to design and worked for Martha Stewart...twice. Here in a recent feature on his blog he walks us through how he transformed this sad and forgotten space into a sublime master suite.
The best part about the space is that it was done with all thrift store finds that were re-purposed and made into items that most of us would be glad to pay top dollar for. These are the kinds of things that even the most budget conscious can take note of and try for yourself. So get out the staple gun and the spray paint and make some stuff bee-u-tee-full!

Open your eyes and your mind and you'll be shocked at what you can do with very little money!

You know you either have some stacking tables in the basement or you've seen them at every yard sale in town. Bet you're going to wish you'd bought them after seeing this simple fix!

After a bit of sanding, the tables were primed and painted a fresh white. Then with a pale blue Eddie added some interest with with a wood graining tool. With a quick rocking motion, this treatment is a breeze!

And here they are all finished up. Notice how great the largest table is with that mirrored top? This is a great solution for any hard surface that is beat up or beyond repair.

Not so terrible as is but it's the ginger jar bases that are the draw. At only $12 for the pair it left plenty of room in the budget for a couple of inexpensive drum shades trimmed out in grosgrain ribbon:

And this is the before of the beautiful side table featured above. Paint and another mirrored top was all that was needed!

The not-so-chic but full-of-potential dining room chandelier got a makeover too!

By taking the crystals off and spray painting them white, it accentuated the red painted base and updated it quite a bit. Some inexpensive black shades were added and voila! A show stopper!

And once again, the finished space featured in The Nest!

Wanna learn more about Eddie? Click here!


Carrie DeVine said...

Love, Love ,Love Eddie Ross!! Although on the show he was a little cocky, but hey he definitely good at what he does!!!

Amy Nelson said...

This is just awesome! I love seeing transformations like this!

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