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As many of you know, my relationship with Design Star this season was definitely a love/hate one. Mostly frustration and utter astonishment at the lack of creativity on both the part of the designers and those developing the challenges. But, it's now ova. OVA! And while I'm glad to have my Mondays back again to post what happens to inspire me that day, I must say that I'm going to miss seeing what Emily does every week and hearing what all you think about the challenges. 

Having said that, I don't think anyone needs a big drawn out synopsis of the episode from me. You either watched it or you didn't and if you didn't than you don't care anyway. After having to DVR it last night, I got up this morning without turning on the tv, checking HGTV or looking at Facebook for fear that somehow I would stumble across who won. I thought it was safe to check my email though and wouldn't you know I had one from some random person who not only emailed me the winner but POSTED IT RIGHT IN THE SUBJECT! I was so darn bummed that I almost didn't even watch the episode. Curiosity got the best of me...shocker...and I'm glad I spent the time watching what they, Michael and Emily, both created. I liked them both...Emily's more...and after watching their presentations, was soooo glad that she was the winner. I couldn't have watched a show with Michael. Too put on, too over the top and what's up with his jello legs as he walks? Does he have no bone in them? Weird. A few of his ideas were stand outs the wood pieces he used to hide the drapery separating the spaces and I loved that headboard fabric against the pop of fuchsia. Does Nina just recreate the same artwork over and over? Haven't we seen that exact same thing?

Emily had a few wow moments. Loved the pinstriped wall with all the white accents and the use of that huge canvas in the bedroom was perfect. I didn't get what she was going for with the upholstered headboard. It seems sloppily done and I would have loved to have seen it done in a pattern...even the one Michael used.

So, Emily walked away with the well she should have...and it's a show I'll look forward to watching. I did think that HGTV closed the show out the same way they produced it the whole season...cheaply. I mean, geese louise, the fact that they didn't fly in their families to be there when they won/lost was just so tacky. 

Wanna see how Emily lives in her own home? You can check it out HERE via Apartment Therapy.

Wanna read the email I received announcing her as the winner? It follows:

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (For Immediate Release--August 23, 2010) Emily Henderson, 30, a prop stylist originally from Portland, Ore., has been crowned the season five champion of the hit reality competition HGTV Design Star. During last night's season finale, judge Vern Yip, along with judges Genevieve Gorder (Dear Genevieve) and Candice Olson (Divine Design), delivered the life-changing prize to Emily--a contract for her own show on HGTV. 

"I'm so happy! I'm in shock," said Emily about winning the competition. "It's shocking to know that I--Emily Henderson--will have my own television show. I am the HGTV Design Star!" 

Emily will star in a one-hour special, Secrets From A Stylist, premiering on Sunday, August 29, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. During the special, Emily will work with Ian Brennan, the co-creator of the hit seriesGlee, to style his new home. Unsure of how to furnish and decorate his place, Ian will rely on Emily's "style diagnostic" to help define his style. Armed with Ian's preferences, such as his favorite fashions and decade, Emily will pinpoint her client's true style as she fine-tunes each layer of the room design.

"Emily's natural hosting skills and unconventional design approach made her stand apart from the other competitors," said Olson. "She creates signature looks that are highly stylized, yet inviting and comfortable." 

In the HGTV Design Star finale, Emily and her final competitor, Michael Moeller, battled to create their ideal TV show segment, which involved designing a one-bedroom New York City apartment. To begin the challenge, Emily and Michael selected their teammates and their "design client" from this season's former finalists. While Michael completed a beautiful makeover filled with innovative storage ideas and bold colors for his client, Nina, it was Emily's inventively stylish and modern design for her client, Tom, that impressed the judges.

"Emily demonstrated that she not only has the design chops to create an amazing space, but that she can intuitively interpret and execute the design her client wants," said Gorder. "She also possesses an affable and accessible personality that translates beautifully on-camera." Yip added, "Emily's talent as a stylist and her enthusiasm make her compelling to watch."

This season of HGTV Design Star was shot in New York City under the direction of Mark Burnett Productions. The iconic city inspired several of the series' design challenges, including the fire house makeover and the flower market challenge. The finalists also designed a model apartment in the new Trump property, Trump Plaza Residences Jersey City. 

"Emily started the competition as the underdog," said Freddy James, senior vice president, program development and production, HGTV. "But our viewers loved her earnest approach and cheered for her as she became a more confident competitor. In the end, her strength as a designer propelled her to win the competition." 

This season, viewers will again have the opportunity to select a Fan Favorite designer who will win his or her own online show on Viewers can go online at to vote up to 10 times per day for the designer they believe is the best of this season's talented finalists. Voting ends at 12 p.m. ET on Wednesday, August 25, and the winner will be announced immediately following the voting deadline.

From its premiere on June 13 through last night's season finale, HGTV Design Star generated strong ratings. As of Sunday, August 15, more than 23 million people had tuned into the fifth season of the series. Additionally, it was a huge hit at with millions of weekly page views driving visitor traffic and video plays. 

Vicki Louie
Dera, Roslan & Campion Public Relations


Carrie DeVine said...

Yea for Emily!!! I cannot wait to watch her show!!!

Marg said...

I was so happy that Emily won! She really did deserve it.

Didn't they have $15,000 each to spend? Emily's room looked rich while I can't figure out what Michael spent his money on. So glad this is over!

Thanks for your great blog Jen- it made the Design Star experience great for me as none of my friends/sisters could bear to watch it let alone discuss it!

Will keep coming back for your great design posts!

Josh Healy said...

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Kelly said...

Well good, I'm glad your girl won!

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