Anne Hranowsky

As a designer, I'm always looking for inspiration. It's pretty much my part-time job. The amount of time I spend online keeping up with the trends, researching new products and checking out what other designers have done recently is crazy. Like, I-should-get-a-hobby crazy...and I would...if I had time. I realized the other day after looking through my inspiration pics that this name, Angie Hranowsky kept popping up, so I decided it was time to check her out and I'm glad I did. Buh-rilliant. 

Her bio had this to say, 

"An established graphic designer, Angie also has a passion for interior design. In the summer of 2004, she studied at Parsons School of Design in New York. The following year she began to transfer her deep knowledge of design, color theory, and textiles to three-dimensional spaces and announced the incorporation of interiors to her studio's robust design services.Combining a refined mix of vintage and new, bold color and clean lines, Angie's interiors take on an unexpected and modern approach to comfort. Her list of clients currently spans throughout the Southeast and Mid-West, and each is a reflection of her fresh and distinctive style.Her work has garnered the attention of numerous style editors, and has since been featured in Metropolitan Home, Domino, Charleston magazine, Home, and House Beautiful.Angie has a BA in Art History from the University of Cincinnati and in 1997 graduated from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, specializing in graphic design."

But, her portfolio says it all. Here are some of my favorites...

Check out the details of this space. How that lovely sofa is pulled away from the wall with a sofa table behind it, allowing for the lamps. The visual lightness of it all. That coffee table with the fabulous base that still let's the rest of the space shine. The sherbet colors as the pop. Just plain pretty.

Turquoise, fushcia and purple against white walls. Love it. And Dear God, I love that floor mirror.

Her use of color is so fresh. Reminds me of fresh cut watermelon and honeydew.

Have you noticed the divine lamps she uses? Most are vintage it appears...keep your eye out for interesting bases at second hand stores and remember, it's easy and inexpensive to change out the shade.

Loving this.

You can find Anne HERE.

Enjoy your day!


Jen of All Trades said...

Oh, wow. I just noticed the giraffe lamp in the child's room. See it's little head sticking up through the top of the shade. Adorable!

A.Clark said...

Yep, its official...she rocks!

A.Clark said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that the picture is from Domino Magazine!

Ashleigh Clark- Lee Meier Interiors
Brook Park, Ohio

Jen of All Trades said...

Congrats, Ashleigh! Looks like you know your Domino...or should I say, knew your Domino. :( Oh, how I miss it! The next giveaway will be a local one for a local service...but you've got 5 free entries, plus the ones you get for each comment you leave, into the one after that. I'm really excited about it...I love the items!!! Have a great night!

Carrie DeVine said...

She definitely can give a person a lot of inspiration!!!

Amy Nelson said...

I am SO glad you pointed out that giraffe, I NEVER would have noticed it! I MUST HAVE THAT LAMP!

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