Heads, Hides and Prints

Well, I've done some good ol' fashioned thinkin' and here's what I've decided about animal heads and hides...I love them. I do. I'm sorry. But, here's the deal...I kind of want that darn zebra head on my wall...but I want it to be fake and look just as beautiful. The thing is, I know that's weird. I know I shouldn't want any part of hanging an animal head on my wall. And truth be told, I suppose I don't...not really. I can't imagine ever really doing it...fake or the real deal...but it's kinda like my love of painted white wood floors...sounds great in theory and horrible in real least in my life with 2 dogs, 2 cats and a husband.  Actually it's probably more similar to my love of a perfectly prepared duck breast with some sort of lovely glaze...I mean, I love ducks. I like to feed them stale bread, I like their cute little orange beaks and the way they quack and I even am enthralled with the way they fly in that perfect "v" shape. So, why am I then able to disconnect so much from those feelings as I swoon over how they taste. So disturbing. I guess I'm just a walking dichotomy. Not proud of myself and must wrap this up so I can get to Border's and spend a few hours in the self-help section. Maybe therapy is called for. Eh...we'll see how it goes. Until then, let's take a look at a few pics and see which we can live with and which make us feel a bit like cold-hearted jerks.

See, not so great when fake. :(
(Butlers and Signs)

Obviously, a fake zebra skin. Is it obvious tacky or obvious chic?
(candace olsen)

Emily used a real cow hide for her rug and gosh, I think it's stunning. But, the guilt of it all! 
(emily henderson)

Real or faux? Hard to tell due to the cut out shape of it lined in black. The sheen sure looks like hair though. (desire to inspire)

These, I would use no problem. Gotta be faux.
(Traditional Home)

I mean, come on, that moose looks so adorable and happy. That is, until you realize he has no body and he's dead. Whan, Whan. 

The faux taxidermy look is trendy and sure to be out in the blink of an eye...but it's whimsical and humorous and done well, I think it's great.
(caldwell and flake)

Holy cow! Love it.


(donovan designs)

(via nibs blog)

So, how can we incorporate a bit of the animalistic vibe without donning our camouflage overalls?

Ok, well this is the perfect example of how not to do it. I mean, really. Come on.

Having said that, I actually like this a lot. Crazy, but true.

Well, this is just wrong. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.
(laura bielecki)

Ahhhh. So much better.

Love the rug on rug look. Layers aren't just for Fall people!

Love that pop of fuscia and the Lucite table which allows the rug to shine. Oh! Just noticed the suzani throw on the sofa. Love me some suzani.

Staircases are a great place to incorporate some animal print. This was done with vinyl wall decals cut to size with an exacto knife. Might look dated quickly, but it's a fun idea for a bit.
(apt therapy)

Not animal, but same idea. 

Even though it's just printed on...this makes me so sad for Bambi.

I've never been a fan of cheetah print...but in some cases, it actually works for me.

(top two Eddie Ross)

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