Dying for Design

I have had this pic for quite a while and just love it. The carpet, the dark molding, the detail work on the chair in the lower left hand corner...and yes, I think that zebra head is gorgeous. But, really, only in the same way I would think he or she was beautiful alive and roaming and free. I struggle with the use of animal heads and hides in interiors and hope there is a non-heart breaking story behind it. Like these people were in Africa on a human aid mission and stumbled across this poor, dying zebra. After they tried to give it mouth to mouth and used their defibrillator on it, the zebra died peacefully. They decided to then give honor to the animal by saving it's hide...for the bench...and it's head...for the wall. Each morning they wake up here thinking about this beautiful zebra and are reminded of how short life is and how precious we all are. But, then I think...hmmm, they're probably just a-holes who couldn't care less about how this poor zebra was killed or if it was murdered strictly for the hope of selling it for money to people who just wanted to purty up their place. I'm gonna try to wrap my head around how I really feel about this today and I'll check back. Because, my God, I think that zebra head is beautiful there and wouldn't I love to have one?...and now I'm back to feeling like a crappy human being. Oh, design, you make me think too much!!! Enjoy your day, everyone!

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Carrie DeVine said... are SO funny!!! I couldn't have head on the wall but fakes have come a long way!!

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