I've Got the Blues...

I just love this room. Sooooo sweet and transitional. From the crisp romans with the trim, to that Eiffel that crystal?...I'm not sure how this could get much better. Loving that pale green chair the wallpapered ceiling and that bright blue light fixture. Lovely.
via design sponge

Casual and collected and just really "cool". I particularly like that bench and the vintage advertisement.
via apartment therapy

Curvy and bumpy...just like me. ;)
Madeline Weinrib

My husband and I taking a break to look at the view. Yeah, not really.
Everything Fab

Michele is a genius and creates the most beautiful hotel interiors. This is incredible...the artwork and those chairs with the ring detail are just stunning.
Michele Bonan

Funky. Love the rug.
via elle decor

Frankly, I don't know how I feel about this. I think I kinda love it...but gosh, is it ever "designed". I do think the blue and white help keep it fresh. But, let's face it...this is the George V Hotel in Paris and I would give anything to stay there even for a night...heck, I'd give anything to work as a MAID in this hotel. Maid. Does anyone call it that anymore? Cleaning person? The point is that I'd scrub floors here.
george v, paris

Throw a couple of round tables in that nook and pull those chairs up to them and I'd sit here for hours with friends drinking white wine and playing Taboo or cards. Bridge. I need to learn to play Bridge...or Mahjong. via lovely bones

Perfection. That suzani fabric is making me swoon and the trim on the panels is sumptuous.
via house beautiful

Nap time.
via coastal living

One of my favorite wall treatments mixed with one of my favorite color palettes. Great job, Kim.
Kim Coleman Designs via House Beautiful

Sometimes, just a bit of blue is enough to bring a whole space to life. That artwork is stunning.
via Style at Home


Rosemarie Heitbaum said...

There is nothing quite as beautiful as Navy Blue & crisp white in a room, add big windows and I am officially over the moon!

Rosanne Palazola said...

I love the "calmness with an edge" of the first bedroom, but the House Beautiful bedroom really pops! The blue white and black combination are stunning!

Angie said...

I would love to do my guest bedroom similar to the House Beautiful room with the white duvet and the beautiful blue lamps.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with all these blues.....feels so cool in this summer heat!

Jen of All Trades said...

So, I'm not the only blue lover out there, huh? Glad you all are enjoying the pics!

Amy Nelson said...

I love your comments! I was dying laughing reading these, especially the one with the nook - my thought process works the same way as yours! And oh, how I would love to just chill in that little nook with a nice glass of wine...... And I'd really like to do my home office just like the first pic from design sponge, so beautiful and peaceful!

Candy Collins said...

It's funny, I don't consider myself a "blue" person. With that said, my classroom is mostly blue...hmmmm?! I can't imagine it any other screams calm! I would LOVE to spend some time in the coastal living room with a nice cool breeze blowing!!!

Carrie DeVine said...

You needed to put the pics of my chairs and Katies clock in your photo montague!!! I am definitely becoming a blue person!!!

Angie said...

So inspired by the blue bedroom, I went shopping and found two fun blue lamps, bright blue pillows and a white bedspread. I also found a bright blue shell to place on the dresser. Jen, I will send a before and after picture soon. I will send you the picture of my office too! Thanks for the inspiring pictures!

Heather Fuertges said...

Oh I so love the bedroom with the white, blue and Zebra print. Yes, I think I need to change my bedroom :-)

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