Pretty in Pink

Christina, a mom of 2 girls and triplet boys and the brains behind the Viva Full House blog was able to create this charming bedroom for her daughters for a mere $250. Shocking, but true. She has shared the details and how she did it so her fellow bloggers can pass on the inspiration to their own readers. Lucky us!

Like me, Christina gets her color inspiration for paint from places like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, but often either has them color matched or simply chooses a near match of a color from Behr. Here she used Behr's Coy Pink. Really lovely and sweet.

No need to buy an expensive duvet cover if budget is a concern. Christina just made one by sewing two flat sheets together and attaching vintage trim on the tops.

Lest you think these are wallpaper panels...think again. All she did was modge podge some craft paper onto cardboard and then applied MDF trim from Home Depot around the panels. Genius..

*beds - Craigslist $20 (painted these white)

*vintage lucite chair - Craigslist (payed an additional $30 to have the cushion reupholstered)

*vintage wicker chair - Craigslist $10 (spray painted)

*dressing table - vintage, already had

*green stool - Home Goods $30

*2 Flower mirrors above beds - Home Goods $25 each (Elsewhere...I mean everywhere else...these are $500 and up...what a find!)
*pillows - Home Goods $30 total

*monogrammed pillow cases - Wal-Mart $5 (Christina's mom monogrammed these, but it's easy to find a local shop to do something similar)

*upholstery fretwork fabric - Home Fabrics $50

*watermelon silk velvet trim - SAS Fabrics $7

*watermelon fabric on cushion - SAS $1

Christina picked up the most inexpensive shelves she could find at IKEA and covered them in burlap. Then she spray painted the cheap silver hardware off-white.

*vintage Mar Lou Goertzen flower prints on shelves - thrifted $2.50

*owl bookends - thrifted $3

*vintage My Book House books - thrifted $10 (can be found on Ebay by searching "my book house sets")

vintage initials - $2

*trophies - thrifted $2

*lamp - thrifted $5

I love those books and initials soooooo much. Thanks to Christina for sharing with all of us and it just goes to show that beautiful spaces can be had on even the smallest budgets if you're willing to do some bargain hunting and apply some elbow grease.


Dana Larson said...

I love this whole look, and ironically, the walls look to be close to the Sherwin-Williams color on my 7 month old's walls. Currently, the only thing in her room is her crib(embarrassing). I have been waiting for the perfect inspiration, but I am just overwhelmed! I want something unique, but I don't know where to start! Thanks for the wonderful blog! I love perusing through the pics.

Rosanne Palazola said...

Its amazing what you can do inexpensively! And her girls (depending on their ages)will appreciate the personal touches - "mom made this pillow for me" - for years to come. Good taste does not have to cost a lot!

Jen of All Trades said...

Dana...it's easy to get overwhelmed. Are you in the Quad-Cities? I'd be happy to help you get started. Even if you live out of state, I have an online service where you just need to send me pics and measurements of the space and I can send you ideas and even renderings of what the space could look like. No pressure, but please let me know if you need help. :) Rosanne, you're so right. And what a good thing...and what a fun thing...to teach your children! If you use your imagination and are willing to work a little bit to find bargains, you can create a space unlike any other. Have a great day!

Amy Nelson said...

Wow! WOW WOW WOW! Stunning, and inspirational!

An Eye For Design Interiors said...

I just started following your blog. 2 words - Love It!!! I am an interior designer in Houston and am always looking for inspiration. Your blog definitely hits the spot. I just started a blog myself - adesignersworld.blogspot.com and am taking a cue from yours (hope you don't mind)about what sort of things people are interested in reading. Don't have too many followers yet, but it's a start. I look forward to your blog each day. Keep up the Great Work!.

Angie said...

I love, love, love this pink room. I never would have thought of using any of those items in my daughters room but what great ideas! Thanks for sharing ideas that make me think outside the box!

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