Anywhere but here....

This week I've found it hard to stay centered and peaceful. I'm a ball of stress and frankly, I kinda want to tell some people where they can stick their who's its and what nots and that's not like me. So, in case you're having a tough week too, let's just take a deep breath...and then another one...and pretend we're on our way to one of these lovely places. Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I can breathe when I look at this picture. I can envision having a glass of champagne and watching the giraffes stroll by...I'm not sure if that happens in real life...but it's happening in my mind right now.
Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa

I'm getting in my handy, dandy time machine and heading back to this house in 1968. Scrumptious.
Escandon home in Acapulco, 1968
(via lisa go lightly)

I can't even begin to tell you what I'd give right now to have this view and taste the salty air as it breezes in through the veranda. My heart hurts just looking at it.
Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

Fuh-get about it.
Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica

When I win the lottery, a very big lottery, I will whisk all my friends away to this magnificent place and we will party like it's 1999 poolside at this hotel. Does saying that date me?
The Peninsula in Bankok

I really have very little desire to go to Dubai. The commercialism, focus on wealth with the majority living in poverty and the ass-backwards politics concerning women and sexuality...but, come on. This, I could do. The Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Lai me and call me a hula dancer.
Hlekulani, Oahu


Missy Parker said...

OH! Thank you for posting these on a day that has been uber stressful for me! Each picture made me relax a little more! Love it!! ~ Missy

Jen of All Trades said..., too? At least we're not alone! Seriously, I'm still looking at them so I'm glad you found a bit of peace in them too. Hope tomorrow is everything you hope it will be! Thanks for posting, Missy!

Kris said...

Love all the pictures--can't even begin decide which is my favorite! I would love to be relaxing at any one of those places, although sitting on the porch in Montana with the cool breezes and the picturesque mountain vistas isn't too bad either. My kids are busy running around chasing the dog, birds, and bunnies, and dinner will be ready soon. Wish you were here! :-)

Jen of All Trades said...

I could totally do Montana right now! I bet it's so peaceful and gorgeous. And COOL! Holy hell it hot/humid here! Enjoy all that peace and quiet and send me some good vibrations. I need it!

Rosanne Palazola said...

Loved the pictures, but not sure if it helped because I'M NOT THERE!!! Love your blog! Rosanne

Jen of All Trades said...

I feel your pain! Someday, right? For now, have a really great weekend and I'm really glad you're enjoying my blog! Make sure to check back in the next couple of days. If you're a fan of my facebook business page called Jen of All Trades you might just be in for a surprise! :)

Rosanne Palazola said...

I'll be looking! - Rosanne

lisa golightly said...

Oooh ... if I could click my heels and be in that Jamaica spot ( or any of them ! ) ... sigh. Thank you for the mention !

Amy Nelson said...

Your comments are hilarious! I want to go to that room in St. Lucia RIGHT NOW!

Tammy saxon said...

Loved all the great pictures, Wish I could design half as well.

Tammy saxon said...

Love all the great pictures. Wish I could design half as well

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