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There are days that I peruse my fellow design bloggers and think, "Hmm. That's nice. Eh. Pretty interesting." And then there are times that the moment I check out a new post I think, "HOLY CRAP! THAT'S INSANELY GOOD!". Welp. That just happened to me and though I am not one to pull directly from someone else's blog, I want to show you the amazing work of Decor Demon Bloggist and Designer, Brian Flynn (genius), in this small office space of client Stacey Elgin, a Fox News Reporter. What I love besides it just being a drop dead gorgeous design, is that the budget was realistic and he does a fabulous job on his post of sourcing the itemshe used. Here are the pics and a few of my comments, but you really should check out the full post to learn more about the details.

The gorgeous Stacey Elgin, client.

Tell me your heart doesn't skip a beat when you look at this?! This is proof positive that wallpaper is still "in". Because of the sort of mod/retro feel, it's kind of a classic already which means that it's not going to feel dated in a few years. And frankly, you really need to start thinking of the things you buy for and install in your home the same way you do of fashion. I mean, you don't buy a pair of Manolos and think, "Now, I better want to still wear these in 15 years!". No, you fall in love with them, you wear them...and let's face it, not even that much...and then you buy another pair that you love even more. Home decor isn't meant to last you the rest of your don't have to think too far ahead...if you love it now and I mean really LOVE it, buy it. Life's short...take some risks!

Love...well, pretty much everything. I'll just be quiet and let you oooh and ahhh.

You're seeing lots of Ikea and a bit of West Elm you know it's reasonably priced.

This inverted pleat skirt on the table is a great way to hide a multitude of sins underneath and it dresses up an otherwise plain table and makes it a focal point.

Tell me you don't want that Louis chair.

This fabric was $4.99/yd, people. $4.99!!! And doesn't the texture from the woven blinds feel fabulous?


Anonymous said...

Love. Love. Love everything about your blog. Your photos are always an inspiration. Thanks for some creative energy everyday!

Jen of All Trades said...

Thank you, Anonymous! I wish I knew who you are...but a mystery reader is always fun. I really appreciate the nice words...I hope someone was as nice to you today! Have a great night!

Amy Nelson said...

This is just stunning!

And I am just loving your blog! I just found it today via the Stella & Dot FB page. SOOOO glad I found you!

Jen of All Trades said...

Thanks, Amy! Have a great night!

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