The Mod Squad

Krista Ewart designed this great space featured on House Beautiful's website. I'm a sucker for pink and green and her playful mix of pattern, texture and color feels fresh and inviting.

Isn't that Liberty of London bike from Target so great? Must get one.

These vintage 1960's dining chairs were painted out in bright white which makes them so sculptural. Check out that brilliant fabric on the chair seats!

Sooo perfect. That design on the surf board is from one of her favorite fabrics and the dining set is another 1960's treasure.

I'm digging the bold yellow rug and the black and white polka dot ottomans. Genius styling...check out how the fuchsia flowers tie into the backs of the bowling shoes under the ottoman and then back to the flowers out the window. It's the trifecta!

Looking for that table? It's the Bubble Up Table from PB Teen so you know it's reasonably priced!

Fun. Fun. Fun! I'm so excited about so many things here! Can you see that hilarious whale wallpaper in the background in the kid's room? And I'm on the hunt for that darn Octopus tote luck yet. That glass-fronted fridge will be mine in my next home and even that striped rug is calling to me!

The guest house's kitchen is just darling, isn't it? Love that pink fridge from Sears...I might need one of those, too. First things first, must buy a home with a guest house.


Angie said...

The fun pink fabric on the 1960's patio set is so fun. Pictures like this challenge me to think outside my "traditional" box. This was supposed to be the summer we invested in patio furniture so I scoured the cataloges of Ballard Designs and numerous other places and found the perfect rectangular table, umbrella and red coordinating cushions. However now after this picture, I question that thought of doing the most practical, expected patio furniture with a nervous desire to do something more fun and unexpected. Just some thoughts and ramblings . . . Due to unforeseen circumstances of the crumbling retaining wall, broken air conditioner and water leak on the kitchen ceiling, I will have more time to ponder about the patio furniture! :)

bjaneflower5 said...

Love the pops of color everywhere and esp the pink frige in the kitchen. IDO love your blog! let the competition begin!

Amy Nelson said...

Wow, I'd give just about anything to have a home designed like this one!

Rosanne Palazola said...

That candy pink fridge is awesome!! I love all the colorful designs. Reminds me of a childhood doll house - every little girls dream! But this one has the big girls dreaming also!

Dana Larson said...

I love this, it is so interesting and fun. The PB bubble table is a great accent piece. Everything seems to just come together wonderfully!

Carrie DeVine said...

I love that sign...Keep Calm and Carry On! I think I will need to get it next time we get it in at TJ Maxx. I will need that pink fridge when I buy my girls cabin!!

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