Wicked Smaht

It's the simple things that sometimes make the best statement. This window film with a cut out message in lieu of blinds is really a terrific solution...and tres cheap!

Even I would be tempted to actually file something if I had one of these lovely suitcase file cabinets! Shockingly, it's from the often tacky Home Decorator's catalog. Although, I will say that it's come a long way...maybe "long" is an exaggeration. But, I digress...the price?....wait for it....wait for it...$199!!!

Mrs. Limestone incorporated this handy and chic idea into her office redo. Love that she's showcasing that incredible pair of shears directly on the wall and using simple pegboard to keep all her tools handy. Two great uses for all those antique-looking frames most of us have in the basement! Not one of those peeps? Thrift stores, baby. Thrift stores.

Here's the pic of the whole space. Pretty great for the budget she was dealing with...her own! Why are those always the lowest?! And she, of course, has a Ghost chair...ever-elusive in my life. I keep waiting to get one as a many times DOES a girl have to mention something to her husband...but Mrs. Limestone was lucky enough to actually receive one from hers. Lucky duck.

Southern Living offered a great tip here...if you have a fuse box or other eye-sore, it can easily be hidden with an architectural piece such as this. I'm loving the simplicity of this vignette with that yummy blue-ish red against the white walls.

This is something I do often in my own home and for clients on a budget. Topping any table with a mirror is a beautiful way to lighten up the look of any table and believe me, floral arrangements look stunning with the double whammy of the reflection.

Not everything needs to be straight outta Elle Decor...good ideas are everywhere. I happen to think this idea of visually separating the sink and toilet area with an architectural or woven piece is a great solution and one I've never thought of!
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lisa golightly said...

All of these are great ideas ... Love that window typography. Thank you for your wonderful message on FB. I would be delighted ! XO Lisa

Jen of All Trades said...

Thanks, Lisa! Love your blog and your ideas as well. I'll email you in the next couple of weeks with some questions and look forward to featuring you and your fabulous work on Ohmigosh!. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to working with you soon!

Jennifer :)

Jen of All Trades said...

Thank you Nas for correcting my mistake in labeling a couple of the photos as LGN. I have changed them to the proper source, Mrs. Limestone who is equally as fabulous. Have a great day!

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