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I think I need a time out because I'm all about breaking the rules today. I'm sure that there was a reason behind each of life's little rules..."Don't wear white after labor day.", "Don't paint a small room a dark color.", "Don't yell fire in a crowded room."...okay, that one might be legit but so many of life's rules seem simply to be made to stifle our creativity, to give us social norms to which we feel obligated to adhere to so we can feel like we're fitting in and showing we're team players. I've always been a much bigger fan of marching to the beat of my own drum than following some random person's made up rules and I thought these random pics showcase how to break a few design "laws" and do it well.

Some great ideas here. Love that they are using the window wall for the vanity instead of feeling it necessary to have a massive mirror. I'd much rather have this natural sunlight and view of the trees than a huge view of what I look like first thing in the morning. I'm also loving the use of mirrors on the cabinet doors. I don't care what the design snobs say, I like mirror. It opens up the space and seems so much lighter than they would otherwise. You don't see many pendant lights used in baths but I am digging the idea. Oooo, and though it's not a rule-breaker, the fact that they left space on either side of the vanity to be able to utilize it for the hand towels is kinda genius.

What is it these days that makes people want huge, massive master suites? It's such wasted space most of the time. I remember when we first walked into our second home in Arizona when we were looking to move and when I stepped through the door of the master suite I knew it was our had to be. It was gi-normous with sky-high ceilings, french doors to the outdoor space, a 3-way fireplace that could be seen from the bed AND the soaking tub and had a huge walk-in closet. I quickly realized after moving in that we did no more or less in that bedroom than we did in any other and the seating area I was forced to create to fill the space was only a clothes collector and eye sore. I now know that in the case of the bedroom, size doesn't matter. (Fill in the joke here_____________)
The other great rule breaker here is that it's OKAY to put a bed against a window!!!
With some great drapes behind the bed it can be beautiful and very "boutique hotel". I also like the idea of the desk at the end of the bed. I can see sitting down and jotting a to-do list before going to bed or blogging a bit. And I'll tell ya what, if you can picture the wall opposite the window, I'd be a happy camper to have an lcd tv hanging on the wall. That's right. I said it. I LIKE having a tv in the bedroom, so sue me.
Janell  Beals

Two of my all-time favorite rules are being broken here. One is that small spaces can and often should be painted dark. I mean, dark-dark. Black, in this case. It creates a space that makes you want to hang out for a while...have a glass of scotch in (if I drank scotch) and accidentally fall asleep in while reading a great book. The other and more important rule to break here is always, I mean ALWAYS welcome your dogs (and cats) on the furniture. I'd rather vacuum every day and have to use the de-hairer sticky tape rolls before I leave the house every day than banish my four-legged children to the hard, cold wood floors.

Too much is sometimes perfect. If you love something, display it. If it means something to you, showcase it. Love this wall arrangement and the use of both color and black and white. I will say I do think it works so well because the frames are all similar in color and light like the wall color. Even the bedside table might be too much for some people. I happen to like it...great books and things that make you smile first thing in the morning.
Via Decorno

This is proof positive that if you just trust your gut and buy what you LOVE that it all ends up working. Sure, this ship chandelier may be hated by many...but I wouldn't care one bit. I adore it and can't tell you how much I'd love to have it. And that turquoise poof...and that lovely portrait over the fireplace (wouldn't care that I have no clue who it is) and that tufted green sofa and that orange chair and the honeycomb tables. Phew. Just the whole shabang. It all works because it reflects who lives and loves there. It's that simple.
Via Elle Decor

To me, this is such a great real-life shot. This is who I decorate for...these are my people. Budget conscious folks who are looking for ways to personalize their homes in inexpensive ways so that they can afford to take the kids to Wisconsin Dells for a week in July. Plates and china don't just belong in the kitchen or dining room. They can make a great wall display and can be found so inexpensively at discount stores and thrift stores. Plate hangers can be found online for as little as a dollar.
The Nester

When someone says to me, you can't put that chair in front of that door! I say, but you don't use it, right? Why limit your space plan to the obvious places to put your furniture. Here you can see that the chair is directly in front of the fireplace. This is a great option for the Spring and Summer months when no one uses it. Why not? Who cares?! Take off the handcuffs and live a little!
Suze Yalof

Love the use of the empty frames going up the stairs all in one color and how low they placed them. Perfect visual.
Via The Nester

Painted floors!!! So fun and what a cheap way to update otherwise worn floors. And yes, you can just do one room...see how in the bottom pic the yellow stops at the doorway? My only problem would be I wouldn't want to cover them up!
Top two pics via HGTV

Coffee table, schmofee table. Who needs em'? Go for function and comfort and decorate for how you live! An ottoman and this small side table foot this bill. Notice also how the red side table next to the sofa is higher than the sofa? It's okay! I actually prefer tables that are higher but I have the darnedest time convincing clients of it. :/
Via House Beautiful

Well, this is both functional and great looking. If you're a book lover like me who's lacking in built-ins, you know we're always trying to find places for all our favorite reads. This is a perfect option...I've also seen this done very successfully with magazines. I happen to like it when they're all the same magazine...but who am I to make a rule like that?! Make your own rules!
Via Decorno


kellyoneill24 said...

JUST SAY NO to pets on the furniture!!!

Jen of All Trades said...

We're never gonna agree on that one, Kell.

Amy Nelson said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I have pendant lights in my bathroom, my bed is in front of a window, and I have a four-legged kid who has his own chair! :)

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