I'm so blue!

This Dhurrie sofa from Wisteria makes me wanna jump up and down for joy! Do you see that adorable little ball fringe on the front?! So graphic and amazing. And after picking up one of these garden stools at TJ's the other day and planning to paint it high gloss gold...seeing this silver is making me rethink it! Silver or gold? Silver or gold? What do you think?

Horchow stud chairs...love. Love. Love. Love....

Dear Horchow,
 This pale blue leather tufted sofa would look amazing in my living room. Do you have lay-away? Oh, you're not that kind of store? Really? Ok, what about just that lamp. Or that rug. And those white ceramic tables. The pillows? Darn it all to hell!

Ok. So, I'm cheating. This daybed from Restoration Hardware isn't blue, but it's fab...and that background makes me want to move back to Phoenix. Ok. Not til winter, but I do miss the valley. But, I wouldn't miss it nearly so much if I had this in my back yard and time to catch up on my magazines with a big glass sangria...white sangria...no red wine on this baby!

I've had my eye on this chair for a year now and keep hoping I'll stumble across one that's similar at a second hand store that I can refinish. Has anyone seen anything similar on ebay or craigslist? I'd love to have one!


my favorite and my best said...

holy crap! i'll take that blue leather number and some sangria(anywhere) on that big bad ass tropical baby.

Jen of All Trades said...

Welcome, My Favorite and Best!!! So excited to have you checking out my little blog! For those of you that haven't checked My Favorite and Best, I really recommend it...it's not for those easily offended but it is hilarious and kinda right on point with so many topics. Loved her commentary on Design Star which is how I stumbled across it, and believe me she gets down to it! Hope all is well with you Fav and Best and please check me out any time!!!

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