Design Star, Episode 2...zzzzzzzzzzzz

Am I a design snob?  I think the answer is no, but why am I finding this season of Design Star so utterly uninspired and dull? "This week the designers were divided into two teams, and each was asked to design New York apartments. Their inspiration: garments from noted fashion designers. The women's team of Casey, Emily, Nina, Stacey and Tera didn't communicate well during the design process, bickered during judging and lost the challenge. Nina and Tera were judged the worst designers of the week, and Tera was eliminated. Vern advised the remaining women: "There is no room for mediocrity in this competition.'" (HGTV)
Oh! And Nina! Someone give her a lesson on social and professional interaction! She's so holier than thou and down right rude that I was praying with both hands she would get kicked off last night for shear snobbery! I was happy to have her in the bottom two after having the MOST beautiful dress as her inspiration...seriously, it was amazing...but alas, mean people stay and succeed and gentle people go. The way of the world as we know it.
The outfit on the left inspired most of this space. I use the word "inspired" here very lightly. And did anyone else think the velvet drapes...which looked peacock on camera...were an obvious miss? I do like the grey and lord knows I love a good sunburst mirror but even I have had this same mirror for going on 5 years...was there nothing more current...more out of the box?

Did anyone else watch last night? Now come on...I had over 400 hits on this darn blog yesterday so start chatting with me! Leave a comment or two...that's what we're all here for. ;)


c.eiland said...

I will Have to check out the show, just so I can chat about it with you ...I haven't watched it since David and Kim....What night is it on?

Emily Henderson said...

I watched it. twice. I'm on it. yep. the blonde one. well the blonde one that cried. already? you say, well yes. what do you want from me? i'm emotional. Keep on watching, all these shows are hard at the beginning when there are so many competitors.

Check out my style blog if you want some behind the scenes, i post about it every monday - and kinda on friday.

Thanks for reviewing it though, I look forward to it.


Jen of All Trades said...

Emily! My mouth is agape and I'm so happy you popped in! Obviously, I am a huge fan of the show and of the design world in general and so, for me, Design Star is must see tv. I can't imagine the pressure you all are under and am looking forward to what's to come! But, darn if you didn't just make me a fan of yours! Guess that solves my dilemma as to who to pull for! I'm sure the actual filming is over for you all but for me, the fun has only just begun and I'm excited to see your skills shine through.

Again, thank you so much for your comment...and thank goodness it wasn't Nina! ;) Yikes...was she really as bad as she's coming off? Guess it takes all kinds! I'll be checking out your blog and hoping you'll pop in as often as you care to! Have a really great night and rest of the week.


Jen of All Trades said...

Oops, in my excitement I almost forgot about you Carrie! It's on Sunday nights at 9pm. Emily is right...each season it takes a few episodes to really start to see people show what they've got and get to know the personalities. Make sure to dvr at least so we can compare notes! :D

kellyoneill24 said...

You should get on a show and kick everybody's asses!!! (butts didn't sound strong enough- tee hee ;-))

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