Ode to Branca

I stumbled across this amazing home decor shop in Chicago's Gold Coast area and knew from the instant I spotted the awnings that it was going to be amazing. And, it was. It's a must see and shop when you're in the area and make sure you tell them you heard it here!

If you've been checking my blog then you know about my obsession with Ju Ju Cameroon headdresses and so to walk into a shop and see four...count them...1, 2, 3, one vignette...well, my heart might have literally stopped for a couple of seconds. (Must get defibrillator for situations such as these.) As always, what the heart wants only is a reminder of what the checkbook won't allow me to have...but someday...someday.

I thought this was great. A red alligator embossed leather umbrella stand. Love.

At every turn, there is something gorgeous to look at. Love that detail on the sofa cushions and oh, so much more.

Oh, George...where does one find the courage?

Talk about a perfect tablescape! They were everywhere! Isn't it funny how much that foot sculpture based on ancient Grecian and Roman works could easily be a modern day foot in a flip flop? Flip flops...thy're everywhere! Especially on my feet! When did THAT happen?! All of a sudden I'm more "sensible fashion" than high fashion. Pretty soon I'm gonna be seen at early bird dinners in a bedazzled tee and matching "slacks".

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Carrie DeVine said...

So when are we going to Chicago together and shop this store!!!

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