Best. Compliment. Ever.

Soooo, today I ran into a client that I haven't seen in quite some time. We had completed the redesign of her library and master bedroom a couple of years ago and since then she has referred several people to me...which is, as you know, most often the best compliment one can receive. After the usual pleasantries, she informed me her husband found out recently he has to go in for a bypass surgery on his heart. I was concerned for them both and said sincerely that I would pray for them and hope the surgery goes well. To which she responded, "Well, Jennifer, if the surgeon is as good at his job as you are at yours every thing's going to go great." Well, she shut me up with that one. Not good with compliments in general, I had just been given the most generous one of my life. I'm pretty sure it's all downhill from here.

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