The Colors of Thanksgiving

I have bad news. I think I'm quite ill. I've done some research and it appears I have the very serious disease called "seasonal spurred schitzo-decoritis". My symptoms include the constant moving of my eyes around my home and making mental lists of what could be changed to better reflect the season. My house actually does pretty well stylistically in the fall and winter, so I'm lucky this time of year. For me, it's really spring and summer that's an issue for my deeper colored spaces. Anyhoo, if you're looking for a bit of inspiration on how to warm up your rooms to work with that roaring fire, the spiced cider on the stove and the cornucopia of gourds and acorns we've used all over our homes to prove that Thanksgiving is on it's way, 
then you might just like these images.

(The Duchess, Horchow)

living rooms - brown velvet. sofa purple orange green pillows brown houndstooth rug  chocolate brown  chocolate brown velvet sofa, ivory and

living rooms - brown velvet sofa green striped chair lamps mirrored coffee table green silk drapes venetian mirror taupe wallpaper brown lattice rug brown gray green living room.

living rooms - grasscloth wallpaper blue gold porthole mirror silk pleated drapes curtains orange black brown striped throw pillows blue velvet French sofa round wood coffee table tiled floors iron candlesticks lamp floor lamp

If you're looking for a bit of advice, whether you're near or far, I can help solve even your most challenging decorating quagmires. Just shoot me an email and explain your dilemma and we'll get moving on it!


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