Chic on the Cheap!

So, did anyone else happen to read the Wall Street Journal's Off Duty section today? This Oscar de la Renta dress was front and center in an article based on the oh-so-common carnation. I'll be the first to admit, that I haven't always been a fan of this flower, but I know that's because where I encounter them most often is at the grocer's when I'm trying to pull together a last minute amazing floral arrangement and all they have is blue carnations. I mean, But I think when you look at the images below you'll see that when used bunched tightly and in the same or similar color, they can be as elegant as any other. The ruffly edges of them feel whimsical to me and a bit playful. Here are a few tidbits I ran across about our humble carnation...

Interesting facts about carnations:

  1. Carnations can be packed tightly together without the petals bruising or falling off.
  2. Each stem averages about one dollar.
  3. Carnations are grown all over the globe - Europe, Kenya, India, Australia, China, South America and the United States and they are available year-round.
  4. Carnations come in more than 10,000 shades and varieties.
  5. Once a carnation has reached its full bloom, it will remain fresh and fragrant for about three weeks if kept properly hydrated. 
You'll be shocked at how easy this one is to assemble!
Need a simple and inexpensive floral arrangement? Take a cue from Eddie Ross and make this one in two shakes. Just get yourself a candle stick like this one:
Soak a floral foam ball for 45 minutes and let drain on a paper towel. 
 Cut your carnations fairly short and on an angle and begin to poke them in. Make sure to place them close together.
 And, voila! Chic and cheap!

I know it's early and Christmas music hasn't started...but isn't this great?!

Come on, how great is this? And it couldn't be easier!

 If this cake were a room, I'm pretty sure it would want to be this one:

Kate Spade

My Grandma told me a long, long time ago to never sit around and wait for a man to give you flowers. You gotta get out there and plant your own garden. I think next year I'll be planting some carnations! 

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


Urbanstems said...

This post is great and the images are amazing. I came across your blog via LisaRoyblog. I have posted about carnations before they really have got such a bad press..your photos prove otherwise ! New follower Sinead

Jen of All Trades said...

Well, welcome! It's so nice to have a new voice here! I agree with you about this lovely little flowers...I'm going to have to check your blog as well. Have a wonderful Sunday!

adrianne said...

I am loving the carnation floral centerpiece. Wish i could have had some of those at my wedding!!


Jen of All Trades said...

It's so nice to have you here! Thanks for popping in and I agree with you! Had I seen these years ago, I would have used them too! And saved a few thousand dollars! ;)

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