Old-Timey Charm

 I don't talk too much about him here on this blog because, well, I can only imagine how cliche it sounds to talk about your husband being your best friend and how he's truly your better half but mine is all that to me and so much more. He also happens to think he missed his calling as a stand-up comedian or at least a screen writer who puts out comedic hit after hit. He jokes all the time about my "eccentricities" including what he refers to as my affinity toward anything "old-timey". And truth be told, he's right. I am still shocked each and every morning when I wake up and realize it's 2010 Iowa and not 1660 France. So, naturally I have been somewhat obsessed with cameos for most of my life and this led right into my love of silhouettes. Framed and hung on the wall, on pillows or even on stationary, I happen to think you can't go wrong with them. And what better way to capture the essence of someone at a particular point in time. Need some ideas on how to use them? Here ya go!

 Ok. I'm just going to come clean here and show you my most questionable silhouette purchase. These snowman silhouette earrings are verging on "holiday sweater" status and while I know that, I just love them. So sue me.
 Don't worry...I didn't buy these. Yet. Come on, it's not like I'm going to wear these with a flouncy dress and a bonnet. But, with a wide leg jean that just lets the silhouettes peek out when I walk, I think I could pull it off. Then again, I've been wrong before. 

 If I received this necklace as a gift from someone, I think I might love them forever. 

 I'd love to use that paper on the left...the blue one with black and white silhouettes...in a closet or as drawer liner or on the ceiling in a half bath. 


 I would have to wear these just as their shown because I could never choose just one.

 Wedgewood china. Classic.

 It's no where near Christmas, but these pics are fabulous! OMG...digging the xmas card display in the shape of a tree!!!! Must do that. And look at the way those...what would you call those things on the mantle? Doesn't matter...I call them F.A.B.!

 My kind of family photo.

 They don't need to be black and white!

 Aphrochic. Love her.

 Traditional and lovely.

Have a great Tuesday!

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