"Fall"ing in love.

Hello Fall! It's my favorite time of year and when I can finally pull out the boyfriend cardigan's and my collection of scarves! It means picnics on plaid blankets and hot apple cider in my vintage thermos. This is when my house sings with burnt reds and chocolate browns and when my morning coffee (a touch of Bailey's never hurt anyone) tastes the best. The humidity and long days of summer are behind me (cue church choir singing Hallelujah) and the season of holidays and the celebration of friends and family are all around the corner. It's a promise of things to come and as I watch the leaves begin to change color it reminds me that anything's possible and life is BEAUTIFUL! 

Decorating for Fall can mean so many things and even for those people who think that pumpkins and tchotchkes are vile, there are still ways to warm up your space and celebrate this time of year with style. 

1. The easiest way is to simply begin to incorporate more autumnal colors in the way of throw pillows and by adding some interesting textures. You can do this by changing out some of your ceramic or glossy items with woven textures like baskets or even by changing out your area rugs with something like jute or a nubby wool. 

2. Play around with your furniture arrangement and focus it on a fireplace. No fireplace? Move the furniture closer into a more intimate conversation area with a large center ottoman. 

3. Change out any brushed silver with darker metals like oil-rubbed bronze or anything with age. Mirrors and candle holders are easy an inexpensive ways to do this...and don't forget about Rub-n-Buff! If you have some old frames or decorative items that you want to change up, just go buy some of it in a dark metal color, rub it on and you're done! Another great tip is to incorporate some heavier fabrics like velvet. It'll carry you through winter and will be a classic you can pull out every year.

4. Wanting to buy a few new things to work into your Autumn decor that don't include a trip to Hobby Lobby or Michael's? Think about a great new throw blanket in a color like burnt orange or chocolate brown or even about purchasing a new lamp like the one below that'll transition for you over the years.

 Are you more of a literal decorator when it comes to holidays and the different seasons? Never met a pumpkin or gourd you didn't like? Here are some ideas that might inspire you to get out the hot glue gun a bit early!

This one from 320 Sycamore is a snap. Obviously the ones below from Williams and Sonoma are lovely and I'm a sucker for a monogram, but I think the idea below is a creative and inexpensive way to create a similar look. She got all her stuff from Dollar General, but if you keep your eyes out you can probably get even closer to the original look for not a lot more money. You could even etch a monogram on for just an extra couple dollars.

The Blessed Nest created this charming grouping and I especially love the DIY framed silhouettes. She just painted a $5 used frame and pasted on some craft paper and cut out the silhouettes with an exacto knife. 

I know it's only mid-September but after what seemed like the longest and hottest summer of all time, I'm pushing ahead with all things Fall and that includes pumpkins. I've got so many fabulous ideas that are a bit more Halloween related rather than just Fall, so I'll wait til October to post those. If you love Autumn like I do, don't hesitate to send me pics of anything and everything from decor to random pics of the season and I'll share them with others!

Have a wonderful day!


Kris said...

I love fall--it's my absolute favorite season! Our leaves are already changing colors here! I was shocked to look at the mountains while driving home the other day to see oranges and reds on the oak trees! I'll have to take some pictures and send them to you! :-)

Jen of All Trades said...

I'd love to see it so please send pics! Ours just have a bit of yellow peaking through and until I see orange and red it's not really Fall...but I'm pretending it is. I actually just lit a cinnamon/ginger candle that smells divine and I have chicken and dumplings bubbling away in the oven. Wish you were here!!!

ashlina {the decorista} said...

love this post. fall is so my fave time of year!!!


Kris said...

Wish I were there too, or that you were here! :-) Your candle sounds heavenly--where'd you get it? And after our crazy day tomorrow (we have 3 companies coming over in a a 4-5 hour time frame to give us estimates on replacing ALL of our windows!) we may go for a fall foliage drive! I can hardly wait! And I promise to send some pics too! XOXOXO

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