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It's so exciting to walk into the shop and see that we've received new fabric or wallpaper books and recently the new Clarke & Clarke books from Duralee are just sublime. Rich colors, a luxurious hand and great for so many purposes, these new additions to Duralee's already amazing line are just the thing to make this designer swoon and fill my head with oh-so-many possibilities for my clients. Here, I'll just show you what I mean....

Is there a place this fabric couldn't go? Don't think so.

Love. Love. Love the drape can also see it on a couple of the pillows. It has a raised thick velvet pattern and makes me just want to carry a bit with me at all times to rub when I get stressed.

Um, yeah. Wait til you feel these silks. Heavy and decadent and perfect...I mean PERFECT for drapes. 

One of my favorite ways to use extra wallpaper and fabrics! Shop your thrift stores for old frames and just buy the interesting ones and keep them on hand. You can easily spray paint them a fabulous color and insert a bit of leftover fabric or paper.

Wallpaper by Clarke & Clarke. I'm swooning oner those big poofs on the pillows. How cute are they?!

Updated, yet classic, this wallpaper is something you could feel comfortable using in any room of the house and knowing that it would transition really well for you over the years.

I love the combo of these top two. I'm still a sucker for a polka dot.

So fun, aren't they? If you need more info or pricing, please feel free to email me. Our fabric sale runs through October 8th so get in while you fit in! We ship all over the country!


Carrie DeVine said...

OMG!!! Love , love and more love!!! I need to get into the shop before I miss out on the fabric sale!!

Jen of All Trades said...

Yes, you do, my friend! I'm there Saturday if you're off!

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