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I am a sucker for a "Best of" list. When an expert in a field tells me that something is "the best" they've seen I think, "Eureka! That is just what I need to complete my life and make my thighs look smaller!" Even if it's only hair goo. When Oprah does her "Favorite Things" episode every Fall, I take notes as I ooh and ahh and dream of one day being in that audience and know that I would absolutely be one of those fool women who shriek with joy and jump up and down and do the ugly cry when they realize their luck. So, I thought...hey, why not do my own monthly feature listing my own favorite things. Am I an expert on most of this stuff? Nope. Do I think these things will change your life. Nope. But, who knows, maybe they'll make life easier or prettier or smell better. Some will be design related and some not. Just a list of things I've seen, tried, read, used, listened to, bargain spotted, eaten, drank, worn, bought or heard of that I've loved and think you might too. I'd love to hear your favorites, so 
feel free to leave a comment or email me. Here it list for last month and some of all time. 

1. "Weeds"
This is the show that, more than any other, makes me forget about every other thing going on in my life and is so thoroughly enjoyable that I don't feel bad about sitting in front of the boob tube. If you watch it, you know what I mean. If you haven't, you must. You can find all the previous seasons On Demand right now or rent them on dvd. Be warned's addictive, so make sure you have a good block of time to veg and enjoy it. 

2. Strawberry-Banana Crystal Light Singles
Well, this is just a win-win. 5 g of fiber and 3g of protein and only 30 calories per huge serving with all of that being utterly forgettable when you taste it and have a party in your mouth. Seriously, so darn good.

3. I've searched high and low for a military jacket that doesn't feel to much like a costume and has a feminine edge to it. Of course, the one I've been stalking is from Neiman Marcus for $570. Never gonna happen. But, I found this one at Kohl's the other day and am regretting not buying it. Retail price is $72 and it's on sale for $49.99. Great price and it looked even better...very flattering on a curvy figure (that's what I'm calling these extra pounds now, by the way). It just wasn't as "every day" as I was hoping to find...kinda wanted more casual. It's haunting my thoughts though, so it might need to be put in my online cart.

4. The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly
If you're looking for an escapist read and you love historical fiction, this should be your next read. Not only is it romantic in all the best ways, but it's an intriguing depiction of Victorian London and late 19th century New York. A love story intertwined with a cold-blooded killer and the need for revenge, it had me up all night racing to the end and then heartbroken when it did. There's a sequel you'll want to read as well called The Winter Rose...not quite as good, but worth the read. You can find it HERE on Amazon.

5. Mascara in lieu of Eyelash Extensions
Quite a few of my friends are getting eyelash extensions these days as a fun and fairly inexpensive way of adding a bit of drama to their look. While I think they look good, they can look a bit heavy during the day and only last a couple of weeks. So, I heard about this tip that I thought I'd share. You start by curling your lashes for 10 seconds on each side. Then use L'Oreal (non-waterproof) telescopic mascara on both the upper and lower lashes making sure to get the small lashes in the corners. Then use Cover Girl Waterproof Lash Blast on the upper lashes. This is perfect for day, but if you want a bit more drama at night, just repeat the process and you really do get a dramatic look. The L'Oreal brush is the best I've used and really lengthens the lashes...just make sure to be gentle when you're putting into and taking it out of the tube as it's kind of fragile. The addition of the waterproof mascara is what gives you the volume and sets it.

6. Paint Color of the Month: 
Benjamin Moore Colony Green
Way more blue than green, I used this in a client's master bedroom last month with chocolate, fuchsia and creamy white and it was just stunning. The perfect shade of robin's egg blue is right here in this paint.
7. Kara's Party Ideas Blog
From a simple google search, I stumbled across this amazing blog that features party ideas for everything from children's parties to girl's nights out. Check out a few pics from this amazing candy themed wedding I found on the blog and then check her out HERE to see more great ideas.

8. Tide Stain Release Liquid and Tabs
After a ringing endorsement of this from my beautiful mama, I decided to do a bit of research and find out what others have to say about it and sounded amazing. And ready for is. It's all that and a bag of chips. It's the cat's meow. Read one review where a woman did a load of laundry with a purple crayon on accident and before she just threw it all out she tried washing it all again and threw in on of the tabs...and voila! No more stains!

9. Watermelon and Goat Cheese Sandwiches
Don't knock it til you try it. Coming from someone who always puts a bit of kosher salt on my watermelon, this is a natural progression...alright...maybe not natural...but a progression. All you have to do is cut your favorite crusty bread really thin and brush it with a bit of evoo and toast it lightly. Then mix some crumbed, chilled goat cheese in a bowl with just a touch of fresh mint and spread some on the bread. I like to cut my melon before I do this and put it on a paper towel to get a bit of the moisture out of it. Then just spread a bit of the cheese on the bread and top with a slice of melon and a touch of kosher salt and if you like (which I don't) some black pepper. Yummy.

10. One of the things I hate about being an adult is that we no longer get to pick out school supplies. The fancy folders that fit so well in my new Trapper Keeper, the smell of brand new pencils and my favorite...Elmer's glue to spread on my hands and then peel off. So each year when all the big box stores dedicate half of their square footage to all the new stuff for back-to-school, I'm the first one to wander the aisles and I allow myself one item to satisfy my craving. This year it was a 10 piece Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Pen set with each being a different color. Love Sharpies. But I have a problem. I have fallen in love with one particular color, olive,  and now worry I will have to spend the rest of my life buying the whole set to get just this one. Not an inexpensive plan and I can't seem to find them sold separately. Nuts.


Candy said...

Fun...SO many GREAT ideas, as always! I just wish I had more time to read through ALL of your posts. For now I'll just have to catch them when I can. Love the jacket! Good to know about the mascara...I think I'll give it a try. Kara's blog looks fun too (where will I find the time?). Made a mental note about Tide Stain Release...and oh how I love Sharpie's too!!!

Carrie DeVine said...

Love it Jen!!! I was bummed when I got to the bottom of the list and thought geez was that 10 already! Also glad to know that it was for July so I have August's to look forward to! And I have to say I miss the blogs about Design Star! Hope you had a great holiday weekend!!

Kris said...

Hey girl! I love me some Sharpie's too! I'll trade you my olive pens for whatever color you'd like to give me--it's all good here! :-) Love ya!

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