Wanderlust for Dummies

When I was little and other kids were busy playing Dukes of Hazzard and Ghosts in the Graveyard, I was busy having tea parties with my barbies who, in my mind, basically represented the United Nations. We would travel from country to barbies and I...and live the high life in far off places like Transylvania (I know now I only knew it from watching Dracula) and Russia (from 60 minutes and school drills on what to do if they should attack us). At some point though, I realized that Paris existed and that was all she wrote for a really long time. These days, there are very few places I don't dream of going and I'm still absolutely mind boggled that every once in a while I hear of a place I never had before. For anyone else who has this pull towards seeing all there is to see, I bet you're a map fan like me and believe me when I tell you there are so many incredible ways to incorporate them into your home. Old or new, faded or blue, maps can be found in all forms and can be used on any surface you can dream of. Check out a few of my favorite ideas:

(via house beautiful)

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(house beautiful)

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I love the look of this space. The subtle wall color. The rustic coffee table. That draw-dropping settee. And most of all those aerial city plans. So classic and yet, timeless.
(via material girls)

I'm a sucker for these pillows no matter how kitschy they are.
(found in the Sticks store, Des Moines)

(pottery barn)

Remember the old roller-style maps we used in school? Refashion them for an inexpensive window shade!
(steven gambrell)

(kelly mcguill)

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(pottery barn)

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Tell me this isn't charming...who needs wallpaper when you can use maps like these?
(via rusty hinges)

So subtle and just plain pretty...this ceiling treatment with the maps is gorgeous. 
Easy as pie to do, too, with some modge podge and a bit of patience.
(the steampunk home)

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(steven gambrell)

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