Happy Birthday, Kate!

There are people in my life that I have a really hard time shopping know the ones,  they either have everything and need nothing or if they're like my dad...they just hate for you to spend a dime on them. And then there are those people...or in my person...for whom it is so simple to shop for and for me that's my friend, Katie. We have always loved the same things...
even those red, slim leg Guess jeans with the zippered legs...and our styles are often identical. 
So, while in Chicago this past weekend I popped into Ikea and made a quick tour to see what, if anything, would catch my eye and like a light shining on a pile of diamonds...I saw what I knew would be the perfect birthday gift. Well, I have to admit, first I thought...
And THEN I thought, Kate would love that for her birthday. And just like that, birthday shopping was done and I hadn't even known I was doing it. She recently purchased 6 creamy white leather arm chairs from me 
for her library which will be used "in the round" style with a center custom ottoman we're in the process of creating and I thought this would be so fresh and fun above the grouping. 
I hope she loves it half as much as I love her and I hope that this year all her "sweet" dreams come true. :)

The chairs had just arrived in this pic and while so much will change in the space planning and what we'll add,  at least you can see where I envision the fixture going. 

Here are a few pics of how others have used this fixture:

I've had this inspiration pic forever in hopes of using a similar idea at some point for an event....

But these would be sooooo much more affordable and still would provide such wow factor...imagine it against a bold backdrop of color!

"Never put a period where the universe (God) has placed a comma."  


Candy said...

FUN!!! I love the light fixture! I can't wait to see the finished space. I know it will look AMAZING!!! What a sweet way to wish a friend Happy Birthday!!!

Jen of All Trades said...

Thanks, Candy! You should see it in person...none of the pics do it justice. :D

Anonymous said...

Wiping the tears and smiling at the sametime......I of course love the most perfect light fixture and more importantly love you. Thank you for being my friend. A very "sweet" treat to read on my birthday my friend. K

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