I'm Nothing If Not Consistent!

Living in a 130 year old Victorian home certainly has it's benefits. You know what isn't one of them? A kitchen meant for Smurfs. That's right, if I were Smurfette, I could easily maneuver my minuscule kitchen and even have my Smurf friends over and we could all congregate around the center island. But because I am not a Smurf, I find it ever-so frustrating to work in what must be the world's smallest kitchen and to make matters worse, it is not only where people enter our home but also where an equally tiny half bath is located off of. Nothing like plunging the toilet mid-party in full view of someone helping themself to a bite of my delicious corn dip. (Which really is the bomb...yes, the bomb...for a casual event. Find the recipe HERE.)
 So, yes, I dream of a better amazing kitchen...and here's how I know after all these years I'm ready to build's because all my favorite inspiration pics are nearly identical in style and color and finishes. A bit Parisian apartment, a bit farmhouse chic and a touch of professional kitchen. Someday...
Farmouse meet Fabulous. Fabulous, Farmhouse. 

Kitchen Showcase, 2009 

(Brandon Barre)

If you're a fan of my Jen of All Trades facebook page, you'll remember last night's Love it or Leave it where people were commenting on the mix and match chairs around the dining table and the wingbacks flanking the ends. I think you'll agree...or maybe not...that as you see here it can be a really beautiful and charming option especially with the back pillows for comfort. Makes you want to sit down for a spell, no?

I would rather have these double farmhouse style sinks than all the diamonds in the world.

The two above just kill me...I mean, they literally make my heart hurt because I love them sooooo much. So French. So lovely. So timeless. It simply doesn't get better to me than this and I can smell the espresso brewing and the quiche in the's burning, mind you, but it's in there.

(candace olsen)

(david duncan livingston)

(decor pad)

Every rootin', tootin' part of this butler's pantry is perfection to me.
 Just gaze at it a moment and tell me what could be better! 

Sublime...and yes, I could keep the fridge organized enough to have glass fronts. 

(jennifer flanders)

(martensen jones)

(mick de guilio)

(sandy holland)

(sarah richardsen)

(something's gotta give set)

We'll end on this one...another one of my all-time favorites. Can you imagine? I can. 


Dana Larson said... know what I love?! MARBLE countertops....I am also in love with some of those, I heart Sarah Richardson too, one of my favorite shows, love....and love the armchairs at the table ends, however, I like the side chairs to match eachother.

Jen of All Trades said...

I know! Love Sarah Richardson and LOVE marble counters...don't care about how soft they are either. I'm not someone who worries about nicks and scratches...signs of life, I think. :)

Dovecote Decor said...

Great post!! Something's got to give kitchen gets my vote, along with the rest of the house. My friend Ed Hollander did the landscaping, so if you like gardens, go look at his breath taking website. Come visit us at Dovecote Decor! See you soon,

A.Clark said...

The two pictures of the kitchen that could "just kill you" (depotiers), I am right there with you. LOVE IT!!! I just started following and I love the blog! Hope you can come check me out at my blog (which is newer I might add):

Rosanne Palazola said...

After one picture you asked, "What could be better?" Better would be if those kitchens were OURS!!

Cassi said...

Planning for my kitchen remodel, I am realizing I really dig the table-turned-bar/island-countertop. Lately, I have been spotting old farmhouse tables with an overhang for stools to fit underneath, and a sink dropped in to create an island, much like the photos in your post, and I think that is ultimately what I will do for my remodel. Thank you so much for the eye candy and the inspiration!

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