Black and Light (Not an oxymoron!)

I bet if you look in your closet, it's chock full of black garments. Black pants, black skirts, black shirts and of course the iconic "lbd". It's likely you even have a black car or a black front door. But have you considered black for the interior of your home? Now, of course I'm not just talking about just a black dining table or upholstered bench. We're talking big, bold black walls, floors or ceilings here and my guess is that just the very idea of it makes you scrinch up your nose with distaste. You're not alone. I have yet to be able to talk a client into doing it...we don't step outside of our corn-fed boxes very often here in Iowa...and I say that as lovingly as possible because I love corn and boxes (vintage of course) and Iowa. But believe me, the person who first said, "Once you go black, you neva go back" very easily could have been referring to home decor. I'm just sayin'. It's a bold move but I encourage you to try it, even in small doses, because at the end of the day if we can't feel free to be creative in our own homes, then where exactly is it ok to do it?

Stunning combo of high gloss black, gray and pale pinks. 
(molly sims)

When you balance black walls with lots of white and neutrals, it's still really easy to make it seem light and bright during the day, while allowing for the most romantic and mysterious evenings.
(desire to inspire)

So crisp and masculine...I don't know a man that wouldn't feel comfortable here. Ok. I do...but I don't really want to know them...especially not in the bedroom. 
(christian miami)

This is a great palette for those who think black is too serious. It's certainly playful here!
(inspired spaces)

Love the Bohemian vibe here and the mix of traditional and whimsical...I'm still a sucker for a Suzani print (spread at the end of the bed)...and those lamps would be easy to recreate diy style.

Not quite black walls...but certainly could be. Here they are a great shade of charcoal gray and you can see that even in the basement...especially in a basement!...dark and lovely is better than bright and cold.
(candace olsen)

Still scared? Get creative and come up with some ways like this tile on the stair risers to incorporate a bit of black. Even the treads have been stained or painted black to much success.
(decor pad)

Well, if this isn't the epitome of what i'm talking about, I don't know what is people! Black floors, ceiling and walls tempered with white woodwork, window treatments and furniture with a pop of turquoise here and there. I could live here...easily.
(jill van tosh)

Chalkboard paint is a charming option for a trial of black and really fits in with any decor from contemporary to cottage. Put it below a chair rail in a kids play room and who needs craft paper?!
(design sponge)

So chic. 

Love this. Note the one singular black wall at the top of the stairs and how much of a statement it makes. (jessica helgerson)

Even my buddy Nate Berkus uses black in large doses...and I think you have to agree that he's fairly genius. Trust yourself to try it and let me know how it goes!
(nate berkus)


Kelly Grandgenett said...

Love the drama of black walls...especially with contrasting white furniture. Now if I could only get up the courage!!!

coralee21 said...

I Love LOVE the chalkboard wall!! I want to do something like that in my kid's room. I also think that the tiles on the stairs are amazing! You could almost do that in any house. Very realy world.

An Eye For Design Interiors said...

Love it All......

lisaroyhandbags said...

I adore black walls, especially paired with lots of white. Way back, I wallpapered my livingroom walls black and while I didn't have a lot of white with it, my furniture was black patterned and I really loved the cozy feel to it, especially since I was home at night. I currently have a pale beachy look so I don't really have a spot for it now, although chalk board paint would give the same feel without the formality.: )
Love that red houndstooth settee!

Dovecote Decor said...

Check out the sets for Coco and Igor, if you want to see black and white at its most chic. I could hardly blink!

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