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I want to give props to two of my dear friends for their work on House Beautiful's Kitchens of the Years for 2009 and 2010. I've been lucky enough to be invited into their homes more times than I can count and I just think the world of them. Now, of course, I'm sure they don't KNOW we're tight like that...and so what that I'm only one of millions that is invited into their worlds during their tv shows...in my world, we're besties. When I grow up, I want to be just like Ina Garten or Jeff Lewis. Actually, both. Each is sheer genius when it comes to their fields...house flipping/interior design and cooking/entertaining respectively. Actually, can you imagine being both?! A.) Jeff Lewis is HOT...smokin' hot...and funnier than most people on tv. His show Flipping Out is absolutely hilarious and the interiors...and exteriors...he creates are so clean and modern and perfect. B.) Ina is, well, Ina. Donning a crisp white shirt and a smile she can work her way through creating a five course French meal and serve it up for 20 guests without breaking a sweat all while being the most charming and delightful hostess you've ever seen. So, yeah, I'd like to be both when I grow up.
House Beautiful's 2010 Kitchen of the Year was just completed and opened to the public in Rockefeller Center and having been designed by Jeff Lewis, I knew it would be amazing. He did not disappoint, that's for sure. Last year, Ina created the kitchen with the help of a designer and while both are stunningly beautiful and inspirational, they are so very different in feel. So, I'm interested to know which style you're more attracted to? Is it the more creature comfort vibe of Ina's 2009 Kitchen or the chic and modern kitchen that Jeff created this year? What aspects do you love and what could you do without?
Ina's 2009 Kitchen of the Year

Luh-hu-uv so much about this kitchen. The huge island with storage on both sides, the dark counters...soapstone?...the hardwired table lamp on the island, the vintage stools and even the beautiful simplicity of the branches.

Does it get much better than this? A work area in your kitchen with a view?

Who wouldn't want to plop down here on a chilly Sunday autumn morning in front of the fire with a warm croissant and cafe au lait? 

This is the epitome of why I want to be her when I grow up. It all looks so effortless and lovely. 

Another view where you can see the placement of the fireplace sitting area and the desk near the french doors. Kinda perfect, I think. This is what my kitchen wants to be when it grows up...or when it's replaced by something not nearly as inefficient, tiny and frustratingly non-functional.

Jeff Lewis' 2010 Kitchen of the Year

I hate that these pics don't do this space justice. For a better look-see you can click on the link below and get a much better view of the space as Al Roker interviews Jeff Lewis in the kitchen. I am digging that wine storage piece separating the kitchen from the sitting area and that bright white island! 

I happen to think that that bar height table running perpendicular to the cabinets is brilliant. The legs on that table make my heart go all a-flutter and I think I like the way the cabinet doors open up and push in...I'd have to see those in person and play with them a bit to really get a feel for it. Kinda trendy...will it be dated in 10 years? I don't know. What do you think?

All right, all you mamas out there...I know you're visceral reaction is gonna be, "Oh, my God! That wine storage is a disaster waiting to happen!". And, if you have kids...that's very true. But for those of us that don't, this is incredible. At least, for me. I can even see backing that up to a huge large window so that from the kitchen you'd still get the light coming thru all that beautiful glass of the bottles. Obviously, really thick windows would be necessary so the wine wasn't warmed by the sun. 

Looks like copper on the tabletop, doesn't it? I would love to see the how the patina develops on that. And that light fixture is pretty great. Loving the back splash as well.

So, what do you think? Which feels more like your dream kitchen? Although, I really want to pretend I'm as modern and chic as Jeff's kitchen, alas, I'm not. Ina's is way more similar to my wanna-be Parisian aesthetic and while I would give anything to have either one...for me, Ina's is the winner. 


Ryker's Rockin' Momma said...

I dream about these types of kitchens!!! (eyes glazed over) :)

Jen of All Trades said...

Yes, I waiting for my eyes to adjust, too! So beautiful! :)

Rosemarie Heitbaum said...

I always love the kitchen that is the heart of the home. Everyone hangs about the open space around the island bench. Cupboard doors that reflect the look of the white weatherboards on the outside of the house look fresh & clean. Is there a skylight above those benches, the light looks as if there may be..

Rosanne Palazola said...

Ina's is "home". Jeff's is a "night in a restaurant". I'm Italian. Spend most of my life in the kitchen. I want to be COMFORTABLE when I spend hours at the table with my guests. While I love the sleekness of Jeff's, my butt would be hurtin' from the chairs! And I love a light, bright kitchen. Ina's gets my vote!

Candy Collins said...

I agree..I love them both, but Ina's is more "home" for me. I really love her workspace in the kitchen! I am working to create an office in my breakfast nook off of the kithcen (wish I had a little more room though). LOVE the light fixture in Jeff's room A LOT!!!

Amy Nelson said...

They are both beautiful, but I just love Ina's. I remember reading about and seeing it last year. It's just stunning. I do however like the wine storage in Jeff's - you could totally work in something like that in Ina's. It separates spaces without separating spaces. And this is coming from the mother of a three-year-old - it could be a disaster waiting to happen, but who cares, it's awesome! (I have a cool wine rack that sits on the floor, and is about four feet tall - my daughter has not touched it once, she just knows better than to mess with the Mommy Juice!)

Kris said...

Even though I'm not usually a modern design type of girl, I love Jeff's dark cabinets, backsplash and light fixture! But, having 2 children (one of them a 4 year old boy) means the wine storage is not an option. :-( I have to say that Ina's kitchen is comfy and functional and elegantly beautiful all at the same time, and it gets my vote!

Jen of All Trades said...

Amy, you made me laugh out loud with the "mommy juice" comment. Too funny! It sounds like were all in agreement that Ina's is the winner...winner sounds weird because I just love Jeff's too. Jeff admits he doesn't cook...actually, I thought it was hilarious in the Today Show video linked above that Jeff keeps referring to the food that was on the island for a cooking segment as "clutter". Seriously, he's a riot. Can't wait for the crew of Flipping Out to reconvene...love me some Zoila!! So great to be able to chat about all of this with you ladies!

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