Eye Candy

These windows are genius! 
Too bad the rest of the room looks like you've just checked into an insane asylum.

Cute, right? Again, it's a bit stark for me but the idea is really fun and whimsical. 
Love that little black cat and the addition of a bit of brick. 
(above two pics via fresh home)

I'm just going to sit in silence while you look around this space and ooh and ahhh. Ok...except I just noticed there's a waterfall in the outdoor space! What?! So jealous.

Love the contemporary vibe of the sleek table top, that fab light fixture and the zebra rug with all that classic architecture and the antiques. 

Got a nook? Grab a book! 
I continue to be so shocked at how much purple I'm loving these days!
via coastal living

Not only am I a big fan of this chartreuse and gray color chic...but I've never seen a barn-style door I didn't love. There's a pic of a dining room I love with a door like this...let me see if I can find it!
via country living

Not your mama's blue and white room! So fresh and crisp. I need that mirror in my master bath.
 keller donovan

So much perfection here...the architectural detail on the ceiling, that mesh room separator edged in that great zinc-looking metal, the lighting, that divine sitting area and even the storage closet with the matching containers and the fabric panels. Whoa.

One of my favorite commenters on my blog left me one the other day concerning my "Julie and Julia and Jen" post. It was one of my very first ones and was the post that made me decide while writing it that this blog thing might actually be fun. I had forgotten about those early posts and as I perused them this image popped up and just like it did the first time I saw it, my heart kinda stopped. I love it, so. 
massucco warner and miller

I'm still a sucker for a well-done capiz shell chandelier and this one's a beauty. What a great disbursement of color, too, and notice how high the flat roman shades are hung...a really nice way to make the ceilings seem as high as possible.

Hats off to Suze Yalof for this fresh and functional space. It's rare to see rooms this well designed, but to see one that is that doesn't feel too contrived...that's even more rare (more rare? rarer? Eh, whatever). Check out the layout and how this large open space used for both living and dining is separated. The use of the bookcase backed with a sofa allows your eye to see the area as still open and airy but there's a definite and useful divide. From those draw-dropping french doors and the windows above to the thoughtful way the bookshelves are accessorized, I'm a fan. And, folks, if ya gotta do a ceiling fan...and many of us do...this is proof positive that they can be perfectly lovely additions to your home. 
(Suze Yalof Designs)


Tammy@InStitches said...

I need that tub and bathroom and the barn door is fab.......well, it's just all good !

dana Larson said...

Aggg...there are so many comments to this blog addition...

First of all, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bedroom with the capiz chandelier...I love white. It is done so well here. I also love the dining room and great room, beautiful room. I also love the barn door and I love the color combo as well. Love, love love! Now, if my house only looked like that!

Amy Nelson said...

Ohmigosh! You found Heaven On Earth in that bathroom!!!!!!! I want to go there NOW! Who needs Calgon to take you away when you have THAT bathroom! (Did I totally just date myself???) :)

And that painting of the girl in the blue dress, wow, I think I really need that. I don't know why, but it gave me goosebumps and butterfliles in my tummy.

And that barn door is incredible!

Jamie said...

First photo looks like its in Colorado.? Do you know?

Anonymous said...

Jen, thank you very much for your lovely blog! I'm a fan and read it every day. Keep up a great reading and posting awesome pictures! THAT bathroom is TDF!

Jen of All Trades said...

Jam...I'm not sure if that's Colorado or not...sure could be though, huh? Just beautiful. nice to hear you say that. Thank you very much. I'll keep blogging if you keep reading and commenting, how's that? :) Seems like everyone loves the bathroom as much as I do and, Amy, I had the same reaction when I first saw that painting. Just perfect, isn't it?!

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