Ahhh, Season Three...I ache for you.

It's baaaaaack! The new season of Design Star began this week on HGTV and though I know it isn't exactly "Meet the Press", I love it. I actually tried to apply a few times in the last couple of years, but each time they weren't accepting applications. Then I'd forget about it for the next 4 months and obviously, I missed the deadline...again. Oh well. There's that part of me that thinks...there is seriously no way on this big green planet Earth that you will get on this or any other design show. Even as I began watching the first episode the other night and all the designers started to arrive and mingle, I thought, "Oh, Good Lord! They are soooo far out of your league!" Camera ready and perfectly coiffed, these people...these chic and seemingly amazing designers would have immediately intimidated me. I wish that weren't true, but it is. And then....they were off. So many of them talked the talked but walking the walk was a bit more challenging. And I must say, this episode like most others, showed me one thing without doubt...I would NOT have been the first voted off. Granted, who knows what that kind of pressure and time limit feels like, but I really was utterly surprised at the lack of creativity and time management. God, I hate to sound so snarky but wow...what in the world?! Check it out for yourself HERE on if you're so inclined.
Okie doke. This is heartbraking. Ugh...she is probably soooo much better than this!

Wowza. She really needed to step away from this one and just look at what she was creating. Not. Good.

This was the winning the way, they had to shop solely at an Asian market...thus the umbrellas. I actually like quite a few of these ideas so though she'll be one to watch, she's already thrown someone under the bus and I kinda hope she's the one that gets run over. That, too, is not nice to say...but here's what I'm learning...honesty isn't always so friendly. Well, I'll say one thing, it can only get better from here so I for one will be glued to the tube for each episode...and yes, I will plan my Sunday around it. Sad, but true.


Look no further! said...

I was shocked at how bad most of the designs were! Hope it gets better!

Jen of All Trades said...

Me too! But how easy for us to judge as we sit on the sofa and get to pick everything apart. I'm sure in hindsight, the designers would certainly make a few changes...but I, for one, can't wait til the next episode to see what they'll do next...good and bad!!! :)

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