Color Splash!

It sure is dreary out today here in the good ol' QCA! So I went on the hunt for a few inspiration pics that are full of color and sure to brighten up any weather forecast.
Be brave and trust your instincts! That's what this sofa is shouting at me and I'm all ears! What's my deal lately with turquoise, by the way? I may need an intervention rather soon to help me with this obsession.

I wish I knew where I found this pic. I'm sure it's staged for a photo shoot or is in retail shop, so you have to look at it with different eyes as it's not meant for actual living. But the vibe is infectious and the color palette sublime. I can't believe how much I'm digging that canary yellow...the key is to keep the palette tight and wow...that silhouette is just spot on.

Pretty in pink! And pale yellow and creamy whites! That pink ribbon trim around the ottoman really pulls it all together. Really fun and fresh.
(decor 8)

Though this space falls just a bit flat for some reason...I'm still really liking a few of the choices. As always, I'm a big fan of the conversation area done "in the round" and this ottoman is the perfect scale for just such a purpose. I also love the simple banded drapes and the bold orange.


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Jen of All Trades said...

Kate, What do you think of this size ottoman for the library?

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