Um, OMG. Couldn't wait to share what I just saw. This product has just turned my world upside down and I think a few of you might need to sit down. Whether you're a thrift store shopper like me or love to sneak in an Ikea piece or two into a space without anyone knowing it's actually from Ikea...this product will knock your socks off!!!!

So, I'm flipping around on my nightly blogs and BAM!
I run into this post from Amanda Carol at Home...
where she shows how she did this...
from this Ikea dresser...
and these...
after spray painting them like this...
from a company called O'verlays.

I know!!!!!
You must go check out their site and see all the fab ones they have. 
Not cheap. Not terribly expensive. 
But, I ADORE them.
Must. Do. This. Soon!!!!

Have a great night!


Nancy L.Tremblay said...

Hi Jen ! I would like to follow your blog on Facebook but you're not there :( What's happened ?

Jen of All Trades said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for stopping by! If you go to the right sidebar on my blog, you can either click on the ornate silver frame under "Like me on Facebook" or scroll down further and there is another link. My Facebook page is under my business name "Jen of All Trades" so that might be confusing. Hope you find me! Have a great day!

Nancy L.Tremblay said...

ok cause I clicked on the link of the silver frame and it was broken :(
Now, I hope I've found the right page under "Jen of all trades" because there are several (more than five!). loll

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