Wallpaper Wednesday!

Although I might be partial to wallpaper in certain rooms of the house, there are no steadfast rules. I suppose I'd tend to keep it in entries, dining room, bathrooms (especially small half baths) and kitchens, but only because for me these are the rooms where I'm not constantly changing things up. I'm rarely moving furniture in these rooms and don't feel the need to switch up my color schemes seasonally or every other year. So, I suppose it feels a bit safer of an investment to me and my lifestyle in these spaces. But, I'm all about wallpaper wherever you see fit. Even in closets! Love.
I tell people all the time when they ask, "Is wallpaper back?"..."It never went anywhere!"
So have fun! Be brave! And let me help you pick the perfect paper for your home!
Connecticut House eclectic home office

Glenwood Residence eclectic bathroom


Architectural and Interior Photography eclectic family room

Amoroso Design contemporary dining room

Bathroom Pictures eclectic bathroom
Doesn't this look like amazing in-laid wood and mother of pearl?

Pulp Design Studios modern bathroom

Kitchen traditional kitchen
So, I'm pretty sure that's insanely gorgeous tile on the backsplash, but you could 
easily do a similar wallpaper and cover it in plexiglass for the same look.

Modern bathrooms contemporary bathroom

Just a few that I hadn't seen before here! Hope you have a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

Any chance you would know where Mrs. Dotolo got the gorgeous sink console?

Jen of All Trades said...

Sure wish I could help you out! Your best bet would be to contact him directly via his website. Thanks for visiting and good luck! :)

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