Think you dislike purple? We'll see.

I think I thought I really disliked purple for many years before becoming a designer. I thought of Barney and bad lavenders and this one too tight pair of koolats I had in 6th grade that gave me camel toe before I knew that had nothing to do with Egyptian animals. 
But, I've learned the same thing about purple that I have about every other color in the spectrum...there are beautiful shades of every color you can think of and even those you think you dislike, you wouldn't if you saw them done well.
So, for those of you purple haters, take a look at these beautiful spaces done so well that I think even you would have to admit that purple could be your friend. 
Maybe not your bestie, but a girl that you thought was really snotty until you got stuck in an elevator one time for an hour and realized she was just shy until you get to know her and 
now you do and the two of you have lunch together all the time now. 
You know...kind of like that. 
Oh, geese, just look at the darn pictures and oooh and ahhhh a while. 

So fresh and vibrant, isn't it? 
via decorpad

Even just a pop of purple is sometimes all the color you need.
ina garten's kitchen of the year

Grayish purples are my favorites because they really just turn into lovely neutrals. 
This is the perfect pic to prove why I insist so often client's pull their sofa away from the wall and place a sofa table behind it. It provides great depth and a perfect spot to place a couple of lamps and accessories. Try it! You'll love it!
via elle decor

chad eisner designs

This suzani still makes my heart go pitter pat. Love it.
via lonnymag

Dining rooms are the perfect place to go dark and sexy.
via decorpad

I've been coveting this chandelier for years!!!
via elle decor

ina garten's kitchen of the year

Isn't this just the perfect shade of purple on the walls? Depending on the time of day and the light it could be gray, greige, brown. Love it.
heather garrett designs

This kitchen haunts me. It's just right and would suit my life perfectly. 
My checkbook is another issue entirely. 
ina garten's kitchen of the year

khloe kardashian's "office"

kimberly seldon's designs

kishani perara designs

If I were goldilocks, this one would be just right for me. 
laura martin bovard designs

laurey w glenn designs

via nest

Does it get any better than this? The clover chair and window? The storage? The huge double sided mirror separating the space? I would be late every day if this were mine...I'd never leave!

tish key designs

tish key designs

windsor smith designs

Are you a convert? Already loved purple?
Either way, have a wonderful weekend!


Leslie Green said...

I've never thought I hated purple. EVER! It is my absolute, hands-down favorite. We painted our dining room Sherwin Williams Midnight. That takes commitment. Can't wait for you to see it sometime! :D

Jen of All Trades said...

Yes, I'd love to see it! I love any of those deep and mysterious colors! Hope you had a great holiday!

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