More of Emily A. Clark's Home!

I gave you a glimpse of the family room last week and thought I'd give you a treat for the eyes and show you the rest of Emily's home. Like I said last week, there's just something wonderful about this real-life decor in a real-life home that makes me feel right with the world again. You don't need a trillion dollar home or a bazillion dollars to design it with, you just need a few good ideas, a bit of paint and before you know it you've got a home that pops and shines and is quite memorable. 
Everything you see here can be easily done on an average budget and I see lots of pieces that might just be vintage finds repainted. 

Still a sucker for a sunburst mirror, I love the freshness of this space. The pop of color mixed with the black and white and above all else, the monogrammed pillows!
 Did you know that this little custom detail can be done for less than $10? Love it.
Master Bedroom

Ok. So, I know I say that I'm kind of over painted stripes, but I suppose I'm really not. I still do them, have them, spec them and find myself drawn to this easy designer trick. They're particularly nice here in a simple tone on tone and I love the lantern hung in the space. Another nice touch is the architectural piece painted the same color as the mirror to make it look more grand. 
Breakfast Nook

I tell clients all the time that the best art is kid's art. Think how special they feel when it's hung this way and not just slopped on the fridge. Change it out every few months and you've got an ever changing art gallery sure to brighten any mudroom or entry!

Campaign dressers and furniture are still quite the rage and I love it. They are getting harder and harder to find in the 2nd hand stores, but I've always got my eyes out. Painted a fun green the chest pops against the grey/blue walls and she shows you exactly how to do a wall gallery right. I miss my old dress form and the way she has it dressed in a favorite dress is so personal and perfect. 
Don't forget to trim out those lamp shades with ribbon! 

Dining Room

Living Room

Adorable trim detail on the throw pillows and a fun polka dot paint treatment are sure to make any little girl a happy camper. 
Daughter's Room

I bet this dresser was an oldie, but with new hardware and a fresh coat of paint, it's all new again!

So many tips to be seen in her home that I just had to share. 


Emily A. Clark said...

Hi Jen,

Your post just popped up in my Google Alerts and I wanted to thank you for blogging about my home. I'm flattered :) Glad to have your blog.


Jules said...

Oh! I love Emily's blog! What a nice shout-out. :)

Emily A. Clark said...

PS--Meant to say "glad to have found your blog." :)

Jen of All Trades said...

So happy to have you stop by, Emily! What a pleasure! I've recently found your blog and have really enjoyed spening time on it and had to post a few pics. Love your style. Have a great day! Good to have you, too, Jules! :)

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